Post the previous image of processing individuation against a civilization fraught with dangers and its trumped up inhabitants, it is the spiritual duty of those who do tap the reservoir of spiritual forces to use these energies for healing less-fortunates. So we heal both what physically ails us and others while making whole all that is in the process of pretending or becoming through the focusing our self-discipline, purity of motive and faith in divine order of said spiritual energy; and we arrive at a Leo-ruled Aquarian oracle: A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader. And you can’t get any more Leo than that, as the sign boasts such young archetypes as Arthur and David and any other proverbial Sun-King—Shakespear’s Prince Hal cum King Henry and even Tom Sawyer, if you see the character, by extension. Here we see: the root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual.

At 5° Leo, we entertain the energy of the whole (Leo and the Sun whose perfect-circle symbol represents wholeness, where as the previous Cancer and Moon rulership shows a waxing toward said wholeness via the crescent shaped symbol) of all mankind, from the past to the present, stands behind any individual effort. Here we call upon our ancestors as must any tribal king, especially in times of critical decision-making. The missionaries of the adobe image several oracles back were fueled by their saints who likewise brought good news to heathens, creating early Christendom. We are all dependent on the strength of our ancestral achievement—just ask Jaden Pinkett-Smith–just as we are subject to the consequence of any ill action on the part of our forebearers. Thus we have either the foundation of our own castle or the prison of inert tradition, disabling our transcendence.


I imagine when this degree is highlighted in our astrology that we should look to our antecedents, if not our ancestors, and rely upon the strength of precedents. This is how we creat laws of the land, is it not? On precedent of past (ancestral) judges having made decisions which now become the basis of our own rule(s) as monarchs of our own making in this world? We have acknowledged our roots and now we must let that root power fuel our future outward growth. Arthur perhaps didn’t truly succeed in the end because his father, Uther Pendragon, wasn’t all that savory. And you know what they say about the sins of the father. I wish more people would delve Trump’s roots. His people were bad, bad, bad. Was the assasination of JFK isolated to his individual actions or was he taken out for a whole host of reasons dating back to his father’s meglomaniacal ways of making hay? We shall never know. All I know is, that if I look to my roots, I’m seriously fucked.

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