Following the sign of Leo, the Sun King, is that of Virgo, the Everyman and Alchemist. Virgo is the mutable-earth sign whose archetype is the potter, smithy god of alchemy Hephaestus (who might be the inspiration for Dr. Faustus). Virgo rules the symbol at Aquarius 6° in a twelve fold sequence: A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play, ritual being a hallmark of Virgo’s astrological 6th house. The keynote of this oracle is the individual’s involvement in long-established patterns of activity aiming at the release of collective power. What white witch among us doesn’t know the strength in that? Hephaestus, like Prometheus, was all about empowering humans. And the great mysteries, like the Eluesian brand, were all about imparting some divine knowledge to mere mortals. Adepts were keen on making deeper realities of planetary and universal life available to the human crowd; and they wore masks while performing their rituals (theater and religious rites being one and the same) so that initiates would deem them to be embodiments of transpersonal forces, not just their weird neighbor. It’s a taste of the occult, but what Sunday mass isn’t. Sorry so short. But you’ll get over it.

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