In Her Baby A Mother Sees Her Deep Longing For A Son Answered is the Virgo 11° oracel. The birth of the son, or sun-king, suits Leo’s rule over this symbol in a twelve-fold sequence. The duality has not only been transcended it has produced a new entity, a young god of a new order, as each new child might be considered. The mother has dreamed the child into being, it is her offering, as potential savior, to the world. He embodies the dream, like a young King Arthur or David, all hope and promise has now been personified. We are that child, born anew each day, with the potential to be a new order, a new covenant, incarnate. We have emerged from our conflict and shadow, not just peeping our dualistic brains beyond the shadows of our past successes and failures; but now we must stand, fresh and new, and shine like the Sun. We are the promise to humanity and in us is formed the dreams of all mankind. We are the creative vision who must continue to fullfill the agency of creative visualization. This goes beyond dreaming, as Dane Rudyar, scholar of these symbols, tells us—this is about Imagineering, which is a combination of Imagining and Engineering and it is suddenly my new favorite word. It was the power of Imagineering that build Camelot. And it is the power of Imagineering that fuels any great creative act.


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