At Virgo 12°, also ruled by Virgo in a twelve-fold sequence we see: After The Wedding The Groom Snatches The Veil Away From His Bride. This unveiling is both literal and figuratively points to the exposure of mysteries. The Eleusian Mysteries were occult initiation rituals sacred to the goddesss Demeter and her daughter Kore cum Persephone, who is the Virgin of the sign of Virgo. The underworld god Hades (Pluto) snatches Kore and whisks her away to his dark realm—the famed Rape of Persephone. Demeter, distraught, causes the earth to go cold and barren until Zeus orders Kore/Persephone released. She has however eaten six (the number of Virgo) pomegranate seeds, the food of the underworld, and must spend half the year, as compromise, as Pluto’s queen. Her release each year brings the advent of Spring. Death and sex (mort and petit mort) fall under the same astrological rule as regeneration. The mother can give birth to the god-king; but she must be unveiled, her mysteries revealed. The Eleusian Mysteries, preserved in secrecy, are purposted to reveal a glimpse of the afterlife, to ensure some understand of the potential of eternity. Demeter is the divine mother, Kore her maiden form. By revealing, unveiling, raping her we get a glimpse of the eternal and the cyclic promise of regeneration instead of final death; just as the male reembodies via the act of sex and impregnation, planting the seed of his progeny, a literal reincarnation.

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