Aries 19° (April 9)


I want to get my brain around a sort of list of priorities to discuss with our agent without overwhelming her because there is so much to do on that score. For starters I should look at the emails I would have sent to Tim B. regarding numbers and such; and to get an idea of where we are to date in terms of sales. Also we should discuss the Haute Astrology books and the prospect of making a deal for them. I want to talk about Sextrology and what can be figured out on the scroe—an inventory of all our foreign markets, plus the notion of updating (new edition) for HC. Hope all is well and looking forward…I want to go through all the notes, and sort of take, first a managing editor’s approach to the proposal, deciding what physical blocks should remain, move around or be removed altogether (we can decide what removed bits become fodder for the sample content and what should be totally cut).

The goal would be to get the proposal bit itself, then, in prime shape, start to finish, for presentation along with what will become the sample material. We would like to turn that bit around rather quickly. When it comes to the creation of sample material it will have to enter a bit of a queue as we have a number of projects currently in process that we would like to finish before giving complete focus to creating the sample content. We are going to look at our schedules and make a conservative determination. It might take a little time because, instead of saying any old thing, I think we will really take the opportunity, in the process of writing the sample chapter, to truly map out, as best we can at the onset, what might truly comprise the full range of marks we plan to hit in all the chapters, perhaps down to sidebar details and so forth, and be a bit circumspect in the process of creating would-be sample content instead of drafting what might be more like could-be sample content. To be more deliberate so to pave the way, creating more inroads, into speeding the plough on what will be the actual book-writing process.

Today (the day I’m writing this not the day listed above) has been another painful one. But the pain is put in my way so to transcend it. There are certain individuals that have passed through my life and caused me a lot of agita; and they have somehow converged within a large slice of a certain population where I once found community. One of the situations entails a very ill sycophant who over a decade ago used me as a stepping stone to meet certain people—the other was an old friend with a sadistic streak who gaslit me up the wazzoo. Somehow the worlds which they two entities inhabited became one and it would seem the gaslighting has become something akin to that green stuff they lit aflame in whatever episode that was of Game of Thrones, which is an ironic reference I didn’t even think I was making because there are people involved with that show who pepper this conversation.

But what is a person to do. I’m not the kind to try and defend myself against bogus slings and arrows. I’m the rise-above-it kind on this planet who will forgo friendships rather than fight for them. I cannot dignify such scenarios where the mercenary have thrown me under the bus; if people want to believe I’m the bad guy in such cases I will certainly let them. It’s just the way I am and what I do. I will always seek the higher grand and bid good riddance to old baggage. Still it hurts when you have to do it. There is no avoiding that. In one instance the sycophant gave my friend (to whom I was that stepping stone) heroin. This made me so furious because this bad apple had once tried to feed me anough percocet on which would could overdose. He’s a pusher, that’s what he is. And instead of running for the hills my other friend tried the fucking heroin.

Meanwhile I had been so furious when I heard (from yet another mutual friend that pushy pusherson and brought this friend a vial of death that I texted the sycophant and said I rather tame and metaphoric “I’d like to punch you in the nose” for giving so-and-so drugs like that. I became the bad guy. Meanwhile the friend who took the pushing once told me, when I politely asked if he minded my contacting a musician friend with whom he previously worked, to fill in for a gig that he would be very hurt. Well this sychophantic pusher (who is trying to collect famous friends, you see) was once a musician friend of ours who pulled a major fast one on us, which the other friend knew about; and yet that didn’t prevent this friend from succombing to the worship of said sycophant. If you could follow all that you deserve a medal. Anyway, I will get over all this in the end. I’m already over it. And they can all have each other (in the end, I realize, they all vibrate at a very low level despite appearances on social media); and I suppose I am more saddened to learn that the friend I thought was better than all that really isn’t.

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