At 20° Aries we encounter A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter. As many of us still still cope with Winter in Spring, we have perhaps felt compassion for those birds, unlike our migrating geese, who have had to remain and endure the elements. Little wonder Dane Rudhyar speaks of this oracle as “overcoming crises through compassion”. Today we think of helping others survive through difficulty. A young girl might be more prone to sympathy for gentle living things—unlike boys they aren’t prone to hunt and kill. The feminine spirit is one of a nurturing source of life, in contrast to masculine energy which can seek conquest and dominion. We are distinguished from the animals for our charitable natures, accepting the guardianship of all living things. There may be an unconscious understanding that helping the helpless is ultimately helping ourselves. It certainly doesn’t cost us. We can’t control Nature but we can employ a higher principle of Love to ameliorate her negative effects.

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