There is nothing subtle in the energy today at 21° Aries, characterized as A Pugilist Enters The Ring. We have to fight to win in whatever arena we find ourselves. This is an image of total commitment and vigilance; we have presumably prepared for the task at hand. It’s all about survival of the fittest. But how do we judge fitness?

We attended a charity fundraiser at the Rainbow Room last night as guests of our friends. It is pretty fair to say that the place was filled with the richest people in New York. Fitness, in that setting, was measured in wealth and in the influence it provides. This was not my ring. In my experience, typically, fitness is measured in creative output and success in and validation for artistic expression. That is more my arena. At least I think it is. This oracle makes us realize we should have some fixed field we can enter to pack a serious punch. Moreover we have to be totally convinced of ourselves in this milieu. It certainly makes one think and wonder if we are trained enough to be up for the task, whatever that might be.

Sometimes the things we’re good at aren’t necessarily the areas in which we wish to excel. Dane Rudhyar talks about the fighters as yin and yang. But I think he’s off base on this one. There is only one fighter in this story. Perhaps the other is waiting for him, but maybe not. Victory might be assured, by default. There may be no risk of defeat or disfigurement. This is a singular fight. And I believe it’s a symbol of readiness to take on the world. We just have to ask ourselves….are we similarly prepared to do likewise.

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