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More Lady Leo: 2:30  flashy female doting entourage more readily spotted in a crowd . Sign number 5 number of health and protection Pentacle emblem of morgane or guinevere drawn on battle Shields kabbalistic meaning of the number is that of expansion creativity and sexuality

Leo doesn’t enter and she storms it vive atias body language high catching colorfully coordinated appearance voice stands out gravelly honeygrow regularly crescendos into explosive full bodied laughter . She is naturally fit blast with low percentage of body fat and a muscled physique the woman is mounted suddenly ballooned up but this is generally the physical manifestation of a blocked emotional life and often showed the famous quickly as she expanded Leo isn’t one to hide her robust appearance for whatever she has she thought always appears built to last accountants that can help can’t help but hint at strength and endurance in the bedroom too . Generally beautiful there’s a hardness about her face saves her from ever being considered pretty one might expect some kissed kitten Thick skinned look weather which skin is often pale freckled and uneven in tone tanning herself into a tawny hue easy to do detrimental drug drying effect . She may have found traces of hairs on her jawline extraordinary like her net animal namesake her brow was furrowed about flashing inescapable eyes somewhat flat nose flares about seems designed to anything to devour and masks a cunning if not jagged smile heart shaped face infamous mane great head of hair prosystem stressing styling more volume to us low hairline artificial curls endless products tousled tresses

jaw strong well defined next enemy shoulders square upper torso little perv at the waist bare breasted Artemis archetype her tits are legendary . moves delieberately slinky like a cat. She is sinewy, back muscles especially. Tummy can be weak spot

231  age 28-35 parenthood. Many breasted Artemis. Like female lion does hunting.

Develops abs typically. Ass high and round. She can be bodacious, her butt a marvel, envy of friends. Hip bones protrude, pubic region must demure, soft peachfuzz, not fierce vagina dentata. Lips drawn in kitty highly sensitive. Grips and squeezes. Easily achieves vaginal orgasm. Ripped  calfh and thigh muscles. Boyish feet and hands

Something unfussy and low maintenance about here even when decked in Versace.  Raw sexuality, Never looks sublime or glamorous or ethereal or untouchable. Likes chica-looks inspired by tropical reasons. She is literally hot, high body temperature, looking for someone who projects same heat. Lionesses don’t do phony. She can’t pull it off. Madonna’s ersatz Brit accent. Success as a copy cat. She makes bold entrance let’s you know she’s in the house. On the hunt, ritual drama of sacrifice.

232 psychology father issues male parental influence weak or arbitrary projects this view onto men She could be at once predatory and emasculating imperious and dictatorial particularly thord other females. Ritualistic in the extreme difficult to get building fault given to rage. Preoccupied with perfection an over achiever workaholic . For all her passions she struggles with showing simple affection falling into cold and calculating out attitudes and behavior. The whole victim thing she does like oh people need me so much the big murder scene


Most saucy and brazen Loud pushy prima Donna . She should evolve a sense of calm in the candid expression of her passions and opinions of poorly aspected Lia personality is characterized by a brutal curtness and bullying directed primarily at those she curses for being better than herself unwitting objects of her signature insane jealousy she will have you know she never caters to anyone but herself she expects others to do any and all grunt work while she remains calm cool command central others exist to entertain her everyone else is infinitely more dull than she is only people with visual passion akin to her own will catch her notice she is unforgiving.

233 archetype myth Artemis hestia home hearth hunt dual nature expressive yet domestic Artemis called art morgane by the Celts was the mother sister and wife of Arthur Meanwhile scholars credit hestia with the construction of the round table goddess hearth is the center of the sun glyph Artemis was called the mother of cats and the Egyptian bast and carried the same title lioness among those women

Drawn Two men With ardent natures who wear their hearts on their sleeve notorious for falling head over Ruby heels in love with Latin Mediterranean Caribbean other mother loving emotionally fueled cultures native of August when the world is meant to feel metaphorically tropical. Corny as dorothy’s Kansas in August faced with fancies fierce something of a goofball not adept at disguising her feelings practically going into heat around these types. Not into the Nordic area she lightens up her own looks to look sunny sport the guys have more than physical appeal they embody passion in her mind she rarely stands on ceremony when it comes to bestowing infections Mr Lee passionate then ideologically romantic a focused predator zeroes in on one man at a time marking him like a cat


huntress lion does the pursuing there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide Queen on the chess board requisite moves lion is careful not to emotionally overextend yourself intense defections known MAKE SURE TO DO TAROT IF LEO WOMAN QUEEN THEN SAG EMPRESS

She must be careful not to emotionally overextend herself most especially making affections known In chess zodiacs Queen Must be circumspect and economic in carrying out bold plans otherwise it leaves her open to Savage attacks and emotional hurt. Her audacious self does put a portion Of the male population off . That she is too on Two loaded too much. She learns early in life that she shows her feelings she could be devastated so she comes more strategic this might be in areas where her game plan Simple she appears soft unassuming submissive at first this docile behavior will come as a shock to her posse purring and cooing a master of flirtation Once she’s convinced of a man’s interest she’llclasp in her claws . She expects to be entertained by those he said tension she demands

234 Bible literature Bathsheba David’s wife Queen of sheba solomon’s wife same character Artemis huge cult following folded into biblical lore as Mary’s mother Anna sainte Genevieve meaning generator is synonymous with guinevere Shakespeare’s Cleopatra fiercely leonine characters Dorothy Gale bodies got us in the chase and metaphysics mind scarecrow heart tin man spirit lion Hestia’s home province no place like home . Playing dumb Lisa kudrow loni Anderson On and on Flaky holding men in the palm of their hand going for Latin types infiltrate his heart disarm him by acting kooky humoring him sort of ambush concerned that her ambition will frighten him off also the thrill of the chase if she’s on the prowl then she’s passionate love is not an emotion she experiences every day anyway he’ll get to prep pet the pretty *****


not quick to fall in love no St between mates sex is a means of making if just a brief emotional attachment Leo guards her emotions in her Mystic heart sex exercise and ambition Are expressions of her passions like Madonna she can’t stand to do nothing she can handle dating without getting hurt . She is a true romantic she remembers her ruffles into ronins with unreserved illustrative loverboys barnyard Romeos she may feign to play Juliet a character that couldn’t be further from her own. She’s a Ray of light crashing into the world of little people in Technicolor delight not a bird in a gilded cage living outside the box and parental rule she colors outside the lines in adult life many breasted artemus has many metaphorical mouths to feed . She is wondering the same with her libidinous intentions full well puts the Bush in ambush acting on myth she lets a man think he’s running the show but she’s stalking him she wants to love more than anything 5th house love you give . Men fall short of our expectations

236 Under Suns absolute rule for participation on metaphysical levels is total fixed fire full feverish energy to whatever she’s creating or loving puts her mate through an emotional wringer one of the lessons she needs to learn is to back off far too often she’s barking up the wrong tree we know from experience she can be an over promissor playing God is something we really need to talk about she can end up with him bows she learns the hard way that love chased often remains the most elusive for heart is A lonely Hunter

Artemis is a huntress because she’s turned her back on loving men When she focuses attention on professional success or ambition Can Have casualties like acteon She enjoys besting in being bested in bed high powered men Makers movers shakers acteon ritual drama of the hunt the stag King is sacrificed to Artemis the Leo man might be King but he is one to be sacrificed to her . Takes a special kind of man not to be ruffled by her dramas


237 body rule heart, upper back, spine, tending to cardiac and spinal afflictions. Sun rules circulatory system, thymus, growth. The heart works in uison with all other organs. Mirror’s Leo’s need to have control over all aspects of, and everybody in, her life.


Her journey hinged on amore proper. Expressing for the masses (many breasted). Hestia symbol of inner peace, self-sufficiency. Hestia not antimale but pro-self. Shifting from Artemis the hungry huntress to Hestia the tender proectress, leo stokes her creativity more and more. She summons intangible love and affection. The self-contained dot in the protective symbol. She proves the adage that if you love yourself you attract love. Hestia complex Dr. T and the Women.

238 That thing in Madonna video about wanting to be seen and now she must hide. She is not good in hiding, it makes her strange.


Difficulty frame of people’s affections is she risks in snaring the weak and otherwise impaired when it comes to potential mates it can be a real problem she perceives as passionate guy indeed maybe over sensitivity or given the acteon myth a self destructive St ‘s case Kate Bush put it in a circle of fire really a sphere of self love only strong willed male counterpart can enter into her affections not intimidated by charmed by her dramatic diva defenses. It is this level of devotion that she ardently been after all her life that a man dared to hook her while in her Heston selfish state may be proof enough with his passion minus all those hot blooded bells and whistles with which other men have attempted to win her . Still it’s a leap of faith for control freak like Leo to let love find her walk simply hanging back waiting period if she’s been burned enough times trying to engineer relationships she may find herself willing to let a man take the reins and driving rule of bot forward. As the pursued too shall take a passive role rather than make believe one a real passive role not pretending to be some unsuspecting sex kitten In such a case she isn’t the cofer aggressor Leo no longer feels so put upon continually pressure both in bed and out to invigorate the questions for man Administering to her own ambitions she automatically eliminated high maintenance men from pursuing her such weaklings who feel slighted even intimidated by her fierce self focus she can’t help it attract men secure enough in his masculinity to not feel threatened he is just emotional tough guy for Richie or not she praise someone who stand up to the rigorous rough and tumble lifestyle like sex life she enjoys without fear of crushing his ego . 5th house spirit of competition She likes to battle her lover for dominance in the bedroom like Annie Oakley besting being bested seeks to be physically restrained or subdued in some way or other she has no special affinity for the dominant girl on top thing rather she prefers Colonel contest something he did writhing wrestling flipping switching all while kissing licking groping clawing

239 while yo man is vanilla the lioness will try anything once or twice relate to sexual bloomer but a fast learner what she lacks in fast makes up for Augusta best not to try and be expert but you can come off seeming rehearsed . Women of the second quadrant carnal knowledge visceral experience she should lose her head try out some new moves in SAC 5th house funding games astrology is original wild thing under production of Artemis certain knack for making growth grown men grovel she expects her man to put her through her sexual paces vigorous athletic appreciates wide eyed appreciation Fairly new phone maniacal notorious robbing the cradle keeping eyes open for serious partnership indefatigable life force furnace fixed fire power full time relationship saying goodbye to the smorgasbord of fresh goodies she’s wanted to empower to devour doesn’t hesitate jump in bed with a man early in a relationship no second date she needs to check out the merch

240 he must be sufficiently equipped she’ll turn on a heel if not never thinking that looking back otherwise you’ll develop a rubbing I goes in for friction marathon sex skip dinners hungers for lovemaking squealing moaning growling and bad federal primal purely instinctual place everything in touch with their feelings candidly expression or excitement nothing replaces just playing going at it full force natural rhythm be steel bodies doing the deed. Both parties should enter the erotic arena with goal of getting off not as fast as furiously as possible equal given tank rarely content to remain long in a slow vibrate mode unless she’s simply catching her breath . Sex must have many peaks and valleys not one for quickies sufficiently satisfied explosively complete recovery time to play with her lover urging him to stay inside squeezing him getting it back up Speaking of going down it’s an area but she’s generally unenthused if not squeamish performs fellatio with a Savage if not too toothy abandoned haste maybe hurrying the job along of course she likes having her Kitty licked easily reaches climax literally but pale substitute for the orgasm St luxuriates in vaginally doesn’t much prize emotional sensitivity isn’t much impressed by hit. Rarely in touch with their own Intrinsically UN girly despite cha-cha sex pot persona more of a tomboy she requires someone fiercely masculine so she can feel more like a delicate flower in contrast prefers to be demure saving ferocity for private professional pursuits not so the lesbian Leo


even when straight can be bisexual provocative and female company pushing buttons testing other women’s mettle turning up the heat on other females whose Placid nature she claims on society and gender roles like has just opened her flame angry flare up with a smile I knew you had some fire in you shall say . Relationships often start with her teasing a woman Constant digs often have another purpose to unearth any lingering lesbians and waiting . She doesn’t step out of the closet she’s fired out of it penchant for pulling others out too hots for straight acting women Those in strict relationship Sprint on the wild side luring a partner from a man Ultimate power trip she’s a OK with her masculine side many drag Kings fetishistic about male attire traditional husband role with a partner below times aside she points herself the authority in relationships often an adamant gay activist she does all the requisite hunting for and nurturing of the pride thinking men male a lazy figure doesn’t quite deserve his kingly title

relationship oriented in this extreme 5th string logical how’s that cooperation with God typically for ghost temptations to serial date looking for a perfect partner logs for rarely occurs during one night stand sharing of emotion If she’s not feeling the love she have nothing to give overwhelm any woman who doesn’t completely share her feelings hard pressed to find individual more able to become entirely immersed in a relationship and she. Loyal and demands the same in return Combining the two goddess energy packs of defensive punch guards her private life with the lover is fiercely as a lion would have clubs the sign of parental authority she protects this quality onto partnerships barring lover from relationships with X is or even friends she doesn’t like looks like the male lion who kills existing Cubs

243 president of the hitwoman man haters club but emulates the Mail in Role play demands a lover played the feminine bed where in Philly launcher a female trappings she loves to kick back that’ll ever do oral servicing urging her with verbal taunts or vigorous tongue lashing licking her in places one wouldn’t have imagined reachable . Works for lover over with toys periodically thrill her with a fresh phallus newly purchased from a sex shop but more elegant gifts as well Leah wants a captive audience roommate might even need to be dramatic in her display of affection She may even do the whole dominatrix act to a slave lover.

Tell she decides she wants a family. 5th house appropriation children continuation heritage sperm is sometimes all the Leo thinks men are good for adoption always an option women in same sex relationships perfer to produce girl kids with the maid she would insist her children not be born out of wedlock doesn’t take her progeny lightly ultimately concerned with establishing giant nesticle roots geneologies prevented by Aaliyah take a trip down the aisle than any other gay girl very marriage orientated comfort and safety of a committed relationship despite good intentions she can fall in and out of love without warning rarely promiscuous but rather shall serial marry where is the pants on the list for office tower two status and power if a lover happens to be a CEO so much better revels in flaunting herself and her sexual identity meeting other women straight women’s gaze with an open faced? Breezily commune discussing sports and stocks with men Well her girly girl clutch is it up with the girls Leo was a class act gives her lover of Royal treatment pride is of private importance to this ego driven lady her love matches a barometer of her own self importance the love you give Queen of hearts doesn’t spades passionately at once guarded and appreciated she doesn’t have a laissez-faire relationship fiercely vaughns extravagantly luxurious and lush environment of fertile thriving infinitely hot and heavy relationship

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 521-525. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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