Venetian Gondoliers Giving A Serenade is the oracle at Cancer 20°. Rudhyar speaks of Venice as a symbol of social conciousness rising from the unconscious urges of human nature. He likens the city to a lotus growing from and floating on the surface of a lake. Likewise the gondoliers float on the surface of the canals, serenading the female flowers that appear in the windows. In hetero-normative fashion, the male urges and desires are channeled into song, contributing to the overall social tradition, song rising like perfume. The man-made structure of the city rises, nearly organically, from the natural sea, material from the divine, masculine energy from the feminine. The marriage of man and nature is expressed through jubilance of song. It is a song of self. The feminine is the receptive player and also, in some regard, the judge of the beauty of the expression. It is a simple image, self-conatained and self-evident.

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