To remind any new readers: I started this Cosmic Blague as a means of exploring the cosmic energy of each particular degree of the Zodiac. The most famous, but largely unknown, symbol system for doing this is called the Sabian Symbols and they were “divined randomly” and purposefully not in order by this team of a psychic Elsie Wheeler and an astrologer-metaphysician, Marc Edmund Jones. Unlike the foremost proponent and scholar of the Sabian symbols, astrologer-metaphysician Dane Rudyhar, who has is own system for breaking down the symbols, I am simplay applying a twelve-fold sequence assigning each of the 360 symbols an astrological-sign rulership, starting at the first sign of Aries through the twelfth sign of Pisces, in sequence, 30 times to equal 360. At symbol 69 today, that of 9° Gemini, the ruling sign is Sagittarius, the Archer. So you will join me in astonishment, once again, at the synchronic resonance of this twelve-fold sequence as today’s oracle is A Quiver Filled With Arrows.

All three fire signs in the zodiac are associated with weapons, of sorts. Aries is ruled by Mars, named for the god of war, whose symbol is the shield and spear. Leo, the lion, is the king archetype, whose symbol is, and whose mythology is hinged upon, the divine right to ones sword, as in Arthurian legend. And the wise centaur of Sagittarius is kitted with bow and arrow. Aries is about conquering objectives; Leo brandishes authority; and Sagittarius reaches beyond, even, what this seer of the Zodiac (its motto is I see) can actually see. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius seeks to extend ones scope, to assert beyond existing or known boundaries, to hit specific bullseyes with increasing precision, while other times it might entail firing at will without knowing exactly what the results or achievement might be, shooting things out there, seeing where they stuck later.

Historically the bow and arrow allowed for a wider field of defendable influence; and I think, even just playing the odds, the more ideas and visions and projects and plans a person does throw out there, the more chance there is that one of them will indeed stick and meet with success. Over the last two days we drew inspirational ideas from a well, and we circled a factory as strikers—our beautiful Libran visions of an egalitarian world met resistence in the subverted Scorpio truths of a perhaps secret Plutocracy at work—planet Pluto rules Scorpio. Now here, in Sagittarius, we are thus armed to move through such obstacles in the expression of ideals. We realize we might need to be armed to do so, but that most of what we seek to impress upon the world will likely go over the heads of those gazing at their own navels of hordes of treasure, the 1% Lizard Kings resembling dragons in more ways than one. We have the divine power of our own vision, in any case, to affect our world beyond the reach, even, of those with all the coin in the world. Because the simple fact is, there is more where that came from; and the simple fact is that the great seers of the world, ones who target their visions and prophesies, then let loose and let fly, bringing the world the best children’s books or smart phones or films or cures or vaccines or popcorn or whatever. The point is the list is endless. There is always some great mark to hit and we all “see” flashes of inspiration, but how many of us shoot the Moon to fully act upon some great idea? Never mind how many people would truly share the wealth, financial or otherwise, should they hit some juicy target cum jackpot. What would you do?

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