Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory is the symbol for 8° Gemini which is ruled by the eighth sign of Scorpio in a twelve-fold system. Among the recent images we’ve seen a newspaper calling for revolution and the drilling for oil, so there has been this element of a distressed industrial world. Yesterday, in the Libra-ruled image, we saw a well with rope and bucket positioned under majectic trees, symbolizing an ordered world, or human consciousness wherein high ideals of harmony and equality can be erected. Today, we see those ideals meeting resistence because the haves are not willing to share with the have nots. Ambition is one thing but greed is quite another. There are those who come up with brilliant ideas that benefit all humanity and the world; and there are those whose ambitions are so personally motivated as to be detrimental to others, but there is danger in that. The natives get restless, the workers become aroused, and the revolution we heard about brewing in that newspaper, which may have incited it, is nigh.

Yesterday we had a means of reaching down into a wellspring of understanding and wisdom. Today the strikers are aroused, they have risen up. They have drank from the well of divine equality and now understand themselves to be worthy of more than the scraps they are given. They are taking action based on the ideal that disparity is a social ill and must be stamped out. They are empowered by the oracle of their own, and the collective, consciousness. Where as Libra is about harmony and balance, equal but separate; Scorpio is about merging together—it’s why the sign rules sex—something we see here in the potential to union-ize, separate entities becoming one body. A Scorpio motto is We have, power being potentially what is in shared possession here. The world is out of balance, the few have too much, but the world, indeed the cosmos, is a naturally ordered place that operates under the Law of Divine Compensation. For every action there is a reaction, for every cause, an effect. If Libra is Karma, then Scorpio is Retribution. And in this image we see a very specific Revolt Against Privileges. There should be no privilege in a world where some still have no, even basic, human rights.

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