A Delicate Bottle of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance is the symbol at 2° Scorpio, which is ruled by that same sign in a twelve-fold sequence. As Stella will tell you I’m not great with things I love breaking. Just minutes before alighting on this image, a favorite shirt of mine ripped and I was on the brink of despair (yes over a shirt). I often attach too much meaning to a fallen teacup or bent spoke. Not sure why that is but the meaning of this symbol is helping me: The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break from the past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished.

New understanding does usually require surrender or sacrifice. And, really, it always comes down to the meaning of the thing not the thing itself. It’s not the shirt. It’s the memories that the shirt recalls. It’s not the teacup. It’s the thirty years drinking from it every day. But the thing must be sacrificed, often, to gain the apprecation of its associative meaning. An old friendship (for me, one in particular with a Scorpio comes to mind) must die for one to glean the importance, the good stuff, of what that relationship provided or taught (if only as a cautionary tale to keep one repeating with similar types).

Remembrance is emotional. Though we think of memory as a thing of the mind it isn’t. Any actor worth his salt knows what emotional recall really means. In that craft we call upon our own real feelings when working on material, as a character, who is experiencing like circumstance, and we act from that place. Memories are painful; especially the happy ones. A ripped shirt or broken teacup or bottle of perfume is a reminder, you see, of our own impending doom. What? You thought the Scorpio symbols were going to be a cake walk?

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