Entering the sign of Scorpio, we encounter A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street. We have left the realm of Libra “we are” and have entered that of Scorpio “we have”; and this symbol is ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence, making this a gentle transition. What this busload of people have is a shared experience; they have, as a tribe of one sort, entered into a new reality, a city, that was built by a separate tribe or collective. Or perhaps the bus is filled with people of a variety of sorts coming together to commune in this new experience that is foreign to them all, despite their own differences. It strikes me that this image depicts a busload of Libra entering into a new environment of Scorpio.

This new environment has its own rules and rhythms of activity. We will certainly find new sensations and feelings here. Libra took us to the height of consciousness in its realm of light where we may have met the archetypes of the seven rays watching over us, vibrating on the highest of conscious levels. Now we shall plunge into the depths of human (sub)consciousness and uncover the mysteries that lurk therein. It is the feeling mind, in a sense, not to be confused with the emotional intelligence associated with the signs of Cancer and Virgo. We are entering the world of the hidden and even the repressed and the compulsive, just as we are unlocking new secrets to feed that outer world of consciousness, which depends on new realities being brought to light. We need to touch the darkness to know the full breadth of our being.

Speaking of which, I must dig below the surface here myself, in meta fashion, not in terms of anything personal (then again, who knows) but in regard to the Cosmic Blague. What is the wider meaning of these symbols? Well, for starters: Let’s say you have a planet at this particular degree in your chart; we might examine how that planet channels the energy of this degree in your chart and in what area of life—which astrological house—this symbol “lives”. Say you have this degree falling into your tenth house. Well then we might see how this manifests in the area of your life concerned with career, public image and your sway in the world.

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