Three Mounds of Knowledge On A Philosopher’s Head is the Sabian Symbol at Libra 30°—the Sun enters Scorpio this evening (Europe time) around 5:46 PM, that’s nigh on noon for you folk back home in the good ol’ US of A. This is a Virgo-ruled Libran Symbol and this makes sense given the alchemical energy of the mutable-earth sign of Virgo for whom the Philosopher’s Stone is a central archetypal emblem. The three mounds, I believe refer to the physical, emotional and mental levels of existence which must blend to creat the spiritual forth. Three is a number of fulfillment forming the perfect circle, and thus an understand of a cyclical, non-linear pattern to life. The true philosopher lives this meaning. He understands the workings of the world. He is beyond mere knowledge, the three mounds of knowledge is forming a three-fold wisdom. Wisdom is based on experience rather than acquired learning. Here we have a holistic approach to knowledge which is based on that universal experience, having worked through so many Libran symbols of interpersonal realtionships and that with the collective, of full understanding of the We Are. And We Are a circle of life, a connected humanity, and that which we share is what contributes to our wisdom about ourselves and our world. Here we don’t simply entertain abstract concepts unless in their direct application to the human experience.

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