The oracle at 29° Libra, which would be ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence is: Mankind’s Vast And Enduring Effort To Reach For Knowledge Transferable From Generation To Generation. It speaks to our characteristic human train of transfering to other humans, as yet unborn, all that we have learned via our conscious experience and endeavors. There is no biological reason to do this. It is choice, decision, based on high consciousness and self-sacrifice for others. We are. How Libra. After yesterday’s oracle about unseen forces helping and guiding us, we now become those unseen forces. We have sacrificed what we have harvested, mentally and culturally, passing it along to people we will never know, helping them and guiding them. We give them a past and make them feel part of the fabric, helping to eradicate any feelings of their loneliness.

We are consciously participating in a civilization that will last longer, terrestrially, than we will. This is what makes us divinely human. The legacy, which is a very Leo word indeed. I’m going to let that be all I say on this.


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