Virgo 8° (August 30)

Day Eighteen E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Chicken Stew. I’ve obviously been staying in, staying put. So just to fill you guys in: it is actually still Christmas Day, four months into the future. I want to buy this place I’m living in so freaking much. I actually love it. I must find a way to re-rent it. I really must. I’m tempted to off myself with gummies which I realize isn’t a thing. Look, this process is going way longer than I thought it would. And yet, by the way I’m uncovering my poetry, I’m so gladdened. I want to create the structure for the book

I know for sure that the day I go to Florent and spend all that time and get robbed that that is a day that stands out in infamy and it does have a place in the conversation. Obviously I have a compulsion to write. I guess it started with correspondence and having my own stationery as a child it was this long blue letterhead that said, at the top, “Hello from Billy” (I’m sure I have some still somewhere). I don’t know what is happening to me exactly in real time. I’ll open the Nov Dec Blague to find out. I’m confusing you. I’m upset and so may you be.

(this might be part of the same poem or stand alone:

The day

the body’s soul

shot up and  trapped

in mind

A blind,

the spring


snaps up

locks loose

in ruin

And taint,

tapemeasured madness

runs blocked

in contest

The world here’s

being forever altered,

breaking silent promise

not to be

a gain

the voice for all of us.

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