Virgo 7° (August 29)

Day Seventeen E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Turkey Cheese Sandwich. .I obviously go nowhere today. I’m glad this time remained a blur. The thing is I was threatened with defamation. I was threatened with action for erroneously threatening to destroy property none of which I ever did. I cam across something dating back to late eighties or early nineties: “Dear Lynne, Whatever comes from this our lives I know that you’ll exceed quote survive End Quote and sorta heights that you await in time you’ll see yourself as great as I do. Having been passed out of this I saw but I can but say goodbye and kiss your mouth once more before you go and hope that without doubt you know I love you the best thing I can do for us put focus on myself and trust that if our love is meant to be then one day soon you’ll be with me forever End Quote. How prescient is all of this? Crazy. And then I came across this a list of things I’m going to do I guess this is after she left in the 90s I have no idea but it says quote sublet your apartment bye Volkswagen busts park it parking old friends driveways give it all away give it all to us sell the fabulous furniture for three times what you paid take odd jobs free fall join us in The Cave stay there for a year moving working out your muscles pursuing your art not obsessing on anything final 

Your hair will grow your veins expand you’re something will deepen more strong in the more strong in time it’s a very strange poem of sorts and then there’s a list of stores on contacting so I guess this is yes this is during the time when Lynn left the first time how interesting Yep then there’s another poem or something 

The Touch In The Finger

Finally at the end 

of this nagging turmoil

of constant physical

searing tugs in the soul

my actual heart and newline vanishing veins

the spontaneous moment

when I drove my finger

into my heart

I’m sure

as willingly as unsuspected

quite literally

pointing it into essence

of ailment long suffered

and the point of this contact

was felt


in it

picking up

the pulse

in power

like a





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