At Libra 3°, the image ruled by Gemini in a three-fold sequence is The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed. You got that right. It’s all about “the ever-presnet possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.” Dawn happens, and with regularity. This should be inspiration enough to know that new beginnings are always available to us. More than New Year’s Day, really, I find early September—le rentrée—feels like a fresh start. Actually the first three degrees of Libra all hinge on new beginnings a form a bit of a tryptique. We had the initiation and the energetic push forward, now we see energy reembodies in a new creative act. We are truly ready today to make our mark, and to create a new life for ourselves. I’m packing for a bit of a trip on which I shall plan my next stage of world domination. How about you?

This image is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence, and the motto of that sign is I Think. With a parentetical (powerfully positively). We are now working our plan. We are in a new role, one of our own making. Again, this is a trusim on a daily basis, but there is a more distinct and sweeping change in character going on today. We are stepping into a new identity for which we have heretofore held the place, whether we knew it or not. It is part of our evolution of self. And the key not is innovation. So let us try imagining ourselves to be the most postive and progressive we’s we can be.


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