Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion is the image at 4° Libra. And its keynote is “the necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths ilumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition and new values. (Again I remind you that these images were chosen at random and yet we see how they seamlessly fall into a 360° cycle-system.) So as we venture out in a new role we find like minds who are likewise doing so—kindred spirits kindling the same fire. We are “young” because we are trodding a new path with a refreshed spirit. We have the urge to create new society, having perhaps rid ourselves of old ties that bound us to an identity we no longer express. We are in the forest because we haven’t yet built our new culture, though we are stoking our desired plans to do so. The fire is the emblem of spiritual communion; we are burning to venture out once we are warmed by mutual inspiriation. Together we who are alight with inspiration for a more ideal world of our own creation form a crucible. Our doubts may be purified in that fire. We form a circle of fire for protection as well, becoming the receptors, the grail, if you will, of grace as we embark on our quest. This is, after all, an emblem of the round table that finds us circled around Hestia’s hearth. We are planning a new Utopia, a Camelot, and drawing on the source of the goddess. This oracle is ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence whose archetypes include the great goddess Themis who sees the future. We may all bring pieces of the overall vision to the circle and together we will create the new society, contributing our part as is archetypall ordained.


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