These Libra images seem to all be on the same thing or is it me. A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A ‘New World’ Could Be Built is the Libra 5° symbol, which champions the notion that when the student is ready the teacher will come. It’s all about transmission and it is something to which I for one am very open. At least I think I am. I am often in the role of the teacher expressing whatever mastery I may, such as it is; but I have for the last few years been very open to the notion of a master appearing to me. I thought it might happen last time I traveled to Paris. It was just an inkling I had. I think I wrote about it in one of my early blagues from this year. Later I thought maybe I should have had my cards read by Jodorowsky. Perhaps I’ll see if I can see him this trip.

I recently watched “Jodorowsky’s Dune”. Have you seen that? It’s fascinating. In the end so many filmmakers, I want to say, “borrowed” from him. George Lucas, especially, in the making of Star Wars. Seems almost completely ripped off at times. And then I thought about the character Yoda. Well, the way one pronounces Yoda is the same two-syllable sound of how Jodorowsky’s friends refer to him, “Jodo”, making that J into a Y. I don’t know if anyone has ever made this connection before. I find it pretty obvious, now, in the circumstance. George Lucas is a Taurus after all. And Taureans have a way of solidifying thought forms that have been put into action by others. There is some theory or book that Stella turned me onto, can’t remember what it is, that proposes that Imitation not Initiation is more a recipe for success. Well I’m a Libra and I tend to initiate. I seem incapable of any form of imitation. If you don’t believe me just ask my bank account.

Of course this symbol is ruled by Leo, a fixed sign like Taurus. Leo is all about co-creating with god and as Leo energy hinges on authority and creativity, building ones own castle if you will, a main archetype being that once and furture king, Arthur, we have evolved from that campfire of yesterday, a symbol of the roundtable, to the need for a devotion to said guru. Merlin of course comes to mind as the original life coach, akin to Yoda. Like any true guru, Yoda and Merlin teach us how to be rather than how to act. How to become one with certain experiences and how to overcome thought and ego, especially.

A year ago I was rather reeling from some blows to my own wee me-go; now, a year on, I feel very happy to have been purified in the fire of my own being. You see, I had these friends (so-called) one of whom I could only really take in small doses—we’d been friends since the mid eighties—and from whom I tried to remain lovingly detached. This fellow always had to be center of attention and grandstand, flaunting his material wealth, and never entering into anyone elses world. He had to play host, never guest. He was a control freak and everything always had to be the exact same in terms of an evening spent with friends. Cooking together and playing some kind of board games. Bored. Games. So I was going for small doses but he would retaliate with some psychic Scorpion sting if we politely declined every other invitation. I was labelled “erratic” by this individual because I didn’t consistently comply and conform to his sinister need to be the host with the most. And he started to create a subtext and spread rumors based on his own opinions which he experienced as facts. And he convinced a bunch of mutual friends that I was acting loony. Seriously. You can’t make this shite up.

So, although I did ultimately give him a snootful piece of my mind on the subject, I basically just let it happen. I figured if people were followers enough (this individual had accolytes, to whom he played a maniacal guru role—see, I am still on theme here—a bevy of sycophants, not really friends, who thought they would benefit by way of his association) to buy into this character assasination, then so be it. It is against my personal religion to resist such large tidal shifts in human relationships. If I were to “lose” this entire circle of so-calleds then perhaps it truly was meant to be. Well, it truly was meant to be. Because a) it made me stronger via the working through of the ego pain of being effectively dumped when I was kindly trying to, as I say, small-dose things as a means of keeping some kind of relationship with this chap; and b) stepping out from the shadow of others’ perspective and assigned role freed me to be that much more fiercely individual this past year; and, others’ opinions be damned, I feel for the first time in my life that I really didn’t give a crap about what others thought of me. And so I made some great strides creatively this year but also in terms of personal development and growth and discpline, including the initation of this blague which is the blogging equivalent of dancing while nobody’s looking; and c) for the first time ever I feel unanchored enough to actually attract slash stumble upon slash welcome a masterful presence into my life.


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