Aries 18° (April 7)

Today was productive if not a bit weird. I can’t really recall much of it.

There are many names on the above list who are also private clients of mine—for reasons of confidentiality, I can’t reveal exactly who. What I can say is that: J.K. Rowling aka Robert Galbraith thanks me in the acknowledgments of Troubled Blood for helping with the astrology bits in her book, as does Eleanor Catton, in her Man Booker Prize-winning novel, The Luminaries, for inspiring her characters, which she drew from the chapter profiles in Sextrology. Needless to say, there are many opportunities for notable endorsements for Nextrology; while, as mentioned, my work has also been praised by other top astrologers, and I would certainly solicit their seals of approval as well. And speaking of mutual admiration societies, I have created content for Kylie Minogue in her record releases. For years we collaborated with Marc Jacobs, doing events together at his stores in various cities, most notably for a full two weeks at his Bleecker Street shop. As we did at many aforementioned book launches, we offered what we called our “Cosmic Clinics” providing quick-and-dirty, on-the-spot astrological readings to guests and customers—we then performed this service as a form of entertainment for private and charity events alike, teaming with top event planners like, most often, Bryan Rafanelli. This is something I continue to do and will offer in promoting Nextrology. I have also collaborated with and/or created content for MAC cosmetics, W Hotels, Chandelier Creative, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Sephora, Coco de Mer, Neiman Marcus, J. Cricket, Marlo Marketing, LaForce & Stevens, Swissquote Bank, Tim-Scapes, and many other creative companies. In my experience, cross promotions translate to book sales.

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