Circular Paths is the image of the day at 15° Libra. We are coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity. This is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence, the third sign of the zodiac, 3 points being necessary to form a circle. Not only does history repeat in a circular fashion but all that we do in our individual routines does likewise. This blague for instance can be seen as something of a circular path, or the weekly horoscopes we post. Or our appearing to perform live each Solstice as we do at Joe’s Pub. We want to change things from rut to rhythm, attuning ourselves to the circular natural movements of the celestial spheres on their circular paths. Seeing ourselves as functioning as they do, serenely, without stress but gentle ease. We want our circular actions to feel freeing not binding. So you will want to check that. This image is about moving from boredom to transpersonal peace.

It’s not always easy to know if you’re scaling an upward spiral or if you chasing your own tail. And in a world that is hell bent on comparisons—people have commited suicide due to feeling “less than” simply from too much Facebook surfing—we can be easily defeated by what seems to be everyone else’s success but our own OR we can be inspired by our man real and faux friends and let that move us. It’s always a choice. Personally, I like to imagine that, in my many circular paths, that I am doing the things I repeat that much better each time with a margin for a little backsliding on my otherwise upward trajectory. There should be an algorithim for that. But really, I know that the people who post selfies of themselves with C- or even A-list celebrities, or tout their many accomplishments or places of residence are no more or less happy than any of us. We have no way of judging this; our only goal is to be happy today than we were yesterday which is enough of a challenge. The only true answer is to simply love more. And especially yourselves. That is all.

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