It is one of those days you wake up thinking that a new approach to life is in order. And when I say you, I of course mean me. Without going into details, I think that sometimes paradigms that have worked in the past suddenly no longer do. And in cases where one is relying on charitable contributions to non-profit endeavors there is always that possibility that a great many of existing supporters suddenly, and all at once, declare they can’t be of support. The image for today at Taurus 29° is Two Cobblers Working At A Table. Perhaps because I knew today’s oracle is ruled by Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence, before I actually knew what the symbol was, my mind immediately went to the two waves of the Aquarius sigil. People make the mistake thinking Aquarius is a water sign, but it is the Water Bearer and an air sign. The waves of the symbol are therefore more accurately perceived as wave lengths, whether one is speaking literally as in radio waves or, in our modern world, information traveling instantly through the air via satellites and such, or, more metaphorically speaking, being on a certain wave length mentally or ideologically. Maybe the cobblers are exactly in synch. Maybe one is an apprentice. Maybe they have two different styles. The point is they are at the table together. And when one is chaging the way they think and work, the old style exists while the new emerges. Uniquely, the sign of Aquarius has a primary ruler in Uranus, representing avant-garde experience, with Saturn, representing the old guard, as a secondary ruler. We must evolve and think out of a new mind, on a new wavelength, whilst we allow the existing one, not yet completely outmoded, support us.

Added to which, yesterday, we experienced both a Taurus New Moon and Mercury entering retrograde. I like a Taurus New Moon for its simplicity. All New Moons signal new beginning but Taurus is all about our talents, values and assets—such intangibles that make our garden grown. It’s nice to get in touch with what we have in our arsenal, and to strive to build, to wax, from there. And this Mercury retrograde will also inspire some new thinking by asking us to review what in our experience did and didn’t work. I really welcome this particularly retrograde because I see it as removing last vestiges and residue from past situations that no longer serve, but to which one might still have emotional attachment. Those cobblers are hammering away, creating a new means of moving forward; shoes certainly symbolize the means and the facilitation of our journey. A funny, slight synchronicity: I have been wearing the same Dior boots for ten years and just noticed that the leather has finally been worn through and, though I have an unnatural emotional attachment to my trusty boots, I must let them go. Good thing I don’t have pets; I wouldn’t fare so well at passings and so forth. Anyway, those cobblers are illuminating a new path forward. And I for one am going to let them.


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