So Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, called Cronus. Rhea-Cronus is his female counterpart. She is the Grand Mother of the Zodiac and she apparently rules this Sabian Symbol of Taurus 28° degrees: A Woman, Past Her “Change of Life,” Experiences A New Love. Sounds good to me. Who among us doesn’t feel past some monumental change, the metaphor not needing to be taken literally. We are meant, today, to stretch beyond our mortal limits, and fix our consciousness on the fact that there is eternity in a moment and we can change the course of our lives, our destiny, in an instant. Yesterday we had an old, probably sage, woman selling her wares on the side of the road. Today that woman is in the throes of love. Love is the renewing force and fact. Feeling love makes us feel new and, yes probably, young.


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