An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts of Her Tribe to Passers-By is the symbol for today. We are still expressing elements of the cultural collective, like yesterdays serenader; but there is nothing ardent or desperate in ones desire here. We’ve seen this old lady all our lives. She’s always there with her table of wares, maybe toothless and chewy, her arthritic hands moving things around with a careless ease. She might subsist this way, but she seems calm and like she’s figured it all out. At her age she is one with what she’s purveying, and she’s most likely proud of it. There is more than meets the eye perhaps. She might be a wise woman possessing some shamanistic power. The objects might be thus endowed. We would be under the rule of Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence here so it is likely that the woman’s focus is on her third-eye higher mind. The sign is ruled by Jupiter, named for the chief god, whose female archetype is Juno, who (as the prototype of Snow White’s jealous Queen), would take the form of a crone selling or giving away apples. Juno is goddess of power and the radiance of her true being is blinding. Similarly, the appearance of the old (American) Indian woman might bely her true nature. Let us not assume today that all is what it seems. The old beggar on the street corner might be a deity in disguise. I think that might be the message, in part, here in Taurus 27°.

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