Capricorn 5° (December 26)

Well still nobody additional but Eversource contacted me this Christmas. I was up so much in the night with the power off. It would have been great if I had just been able to fall asleep but alas. Then when the power came back on I watched a little television and finally fell and woke up at 9AM and apparently I didn’t realize that I immediately fell right back because I thought when I emerged, the clocks blinking from the outage, it was maybe seven minutes late. No, it was a quarter to eleven. Yep. The King called and we spoke about things on the eastern New England seaboard. I haven’t yet been able to eat anything and it’s nearly already 3 in the afternoon. I believe I need to hit the store for things of which I seem to be in short supply. It will be getting dark soon and I’ll just end up rolling down the hill for last minute goodies, then coming back to try and get even further along in this Blaguing process. There is much to say but not so very long a time to say it. One will try ones best to put it all across. Some cuts and pastes from things already input will be the next breeziest way to go. This is all fine in the end and none of us will be the wiser. There is this thing that takes over your fingers when typing and I do so love getting into that zone. My stomach is making the weirdest gurgly sounds. I am going to go deep into my onion and celery diet, drinking soup and other broths like mad. It really is so good for the system to clear out completely and that is exactly what I’m going to do this coming week. Getting a jump on everything is just what the Love Dr. ordered. Boxing Day. Nothing means anything anymore. I will brush my teeth and go to the store because I know the score. The poems will all by typed in today and then one must make some concessions and just pull some things and snippets of writing right out of thin air. There really is no other way. That plow in the mountains. I love the fact Tim and Billy love and rented The Sound of Music. I had the last of the Clam Chowder for dinner and then just ended up having Vermont cheddar with crackers and apple chutney that Billy made. I am looking forward to taking inventory of those in town who get me and those who don’t. I will want very much to feel a strong web of social fabric. Just got to keep on keeping on. It’s really quite key. I ate delicious cheddar with Billy’s apple chutney, which could easily be called raisin compote. But there you have it. It was cloveilicious and the perfect combo with the sharp VT cheese.

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