Sagittarius 4° (November 26)

A whole bunch of interesting folk are born on February 8. You might think this isn’t à propos but it is.

 The Cosmic Blague will largely be synonymous with living up to being some kind of modern Mage. The truth is I am endowed with pretty stellar psychic ability but the fact I can’t control it in any way shape or form, and that it’s taken me a lifetime to trust it, precludes any patting myself on the back for any of it. And yet it is part of me. And there are funny stories, one including a fence, and one including an old man in Rome, that pop to mind. I cannot wait to be able to take two trains with an overnight to Rome again. The phrase make it so has lately been ringing in my ears. This begins February 19 of next year.

 On March 21, I will walk up stairs and create my first official tweet of a new era. I will be speaking with you, much like this, telling the world what I plan to do hourly, daily, weekly. I will tell you that I am studying a sex-sign per fortnight. (And I’ll be making notes for my next big book). I will also be, in part each day, Blaguing again about the Sabian Symbols, making some Poetic Notes on the Sabian Symbols. And I will talk about my discoveries of the sign of Aries man, for example, and engage the audience. So that’s book, two being given a little sugar. I think I might even work a bit on the aura books. Making some notes on the vibration of color and so forth. We can explore the entire enterprise and estate of each day.

Maybe we can come up with 360 degree symbols based on the Sabian symbol. That could be beautiful.

Noted. I think the notion of our being in Europes for Haute Couture means we must start exploring all those casts and characters. I look so forward to leading with asthetics for a while in my life. The showbiz life is one thing, and it is my primary love, but after some time you end up feeling just like a person who was born in a trunk.

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