Taurus 14° (May 4)

Juliet, in anticipation of her loving communion with Romeo, speaks of sex in terms of death, which was already metaphorically linked in Shakespeare’s time: Come, gentle night, come, loving black-browed night/Give me my Romeo, and when I shall die,/Take him and cut him out in little stars. To die, in Elizabethan slang, meant to orgasm, the image of Romeo as a sky full of stars is both a portrayal of Juliet’s own sexual climax, while being a nod to the original Gemini twins—one mortal, one divine—striking a bargain to be both “immortalized” as stars, forming the constellation of the sign, so as to remain together for all eternity. As we said, Juliet is always a bit ahead of herself, early to her balcony, and many times in the drama, anticipating, summoning her love as well as natural forces like Night, mother to Eris. The point is that Juliet’s impatience is one and the same as her power to conjure, a word with multiple meanings including: to raise (the meaning of the name Eris), to mesmerize (charm and spellbind) and juggle (perform tricks). In this light, Maleficent has indeed presented Sleeping Beauty with a gift, raising her up, providing her with some supernatural game of her own. The curse was never not simultaneously a blessing. Gemini should understand the force of her natural state of being, including her own impatience and her constant juggling of responsibility, so the former might not be in vain just as the latter might be more than mere multitasking. They rather both constitute the attitude and behavior which brings about desired outcomes, such that Gemini’s own sense of expectancy is itself a form of magic, setting off flares, sending out, into the ether, invisible messaging from her affirmative mind to let the universe know her intentions, meeting it half way, expecting it to deliver what it might, in the form of cosmic assists. For the Gemini bird, above all others, thoughts really do have wings. Whether or not you subscribe to the working of magic, we can all agree that Gemini woman’s mind works overtime to guarantee she gets hers in life. Especially a soul mate; because she believes in them, just as she does love at first sight. And nobody falls into it more often, readily or deeply than she. As any magpie, she seeks a permanent lifelong bond, the irony being that she tends to have more of them than most, in one lifetime, that is. Hers are working partnerships, one wherein she plays boss lady in public, but team player in private. As we say, she will have her vices (neuroses and phobias, too), which she may even keep hidden from a significant other, especially, but on the whole she is one of the more caring and reliable people on the planet. In love and familial relationships, she is loyal and protect to the end, typically stepping in to handle the big issues and inevitable life-and-death events. She does need her alone time, so she does appreciate an independent partner or even one with an obsessive hobby, sport or interest that will keep him or her occupied much of the time.

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