Taurus 15° (May 5)

Truly hoping that this time sees some resolution in coming days. Meanwhile I’m going to take stock of my own reactions and start being a lot kinder to myself in this process. I have done pretty much all that I can do. So now I need to leave it slightly up to the universe. Speaking of cosmic things, I have some thoughts to get down:

Such a dynamic goes a long way to keep some much-required mystery in the relationship, not to mention plain old warding against a mate getting on her last nerve. On that score, Gemini does have a short fuse, and she can get as cranky as a teenager going through growing pains. Spontaneity is the key ingredient of her sexuality, so anything that keeps things fresh with a partner will be highly appreciated. She will do her part, expressing her provocative self, to tempt a partner many different ways; as she values a sense of newness in the mix, tending to be nostalgic for her own youth which would have been associated with erotic experimentation, initiation and an artless extemporaneity. This is in keeping with her overall, we can call it feigned, naivete, her infamous playing of the guileless ingenue. She wants to be taken by surprise or otherwise inspire sudden moves on her by a mate. It’s at once validating but also takes her back to more hormonally raging times when resistance to mutual sexual urges were all but futile. She likes to think she so irresistible that a quicky something, taken unawares, or even if just being felt up, inspired by the sight of her, simply, say, doing some dishes, isn’t ever out of the question. Her erotic interest is never completely divorced from a cheeky bit of fun, just as hers is not a deeply contemplative brand of spirituality, but one of communal interaction that is as much socializing as it is some form of worship. The Gemini gamine is, in a word, game; and she may try on many different so-called spiritual practices as she might, variety being the spice of every aspect of her life. As the sign rules respiration, she will definitely benefit from practices that feature breath work—pranayamakundalini and the like, which she may find deepen the connection to her erotic self as much as it does that of an increasingly soulful connection with the universe, existence, the eternal, the infinite, or fill in the blank. These times of practices also go a long way to calm her existential fears on aging, which can become a preoccupation, and beyond.  Despite taking what she would like to consider a no-nonsense approach to life, Gemini can be high-strung and experience her fair share of psychological troubles, her motto I think often having the parenthetical word over inserted into the middle of it. Tinker Bell’s incessant obsessions and manipulations and motivations for revenge oft outweigh her cuteness and caring. When you think about it, even Juliet was a bit manic, and who’s to say she would have settled into a quiet relationship with Romeo in the end once the excitement and intrigue and newness of it all would have worn off. Gemini women can be restless souls who, for one reason or another, can’t help but stir up a little trouble themselves. We repeat ourselves on this subject, but the likes of Wallis Simpson, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Lisa Lopes, Jewel, Kathleen Turner, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Juliet Lewis, Gina Gershon, Anne Heche, Lauryn Hill, at least one Olsen twin, and the original gypsy witch herself, Stevie Nicks, as gifted or glorified as they may be, they are no strangers to turmoil of the inner kind, nor that which they stir up. Extreme cases aside, the Gemini must use her natural restlessness, channeling it into work and activities that allow for a variety of experiences or interactions. Routine can feel like a bird cage from which there is no freedom. The trick is to build reliance through her inborn adaptability, which is, ironically, in conflict with Gemini’s concurrent dislike for real change, which when not the surface sort, can trigger anxiety, even real panic, in the Twins woman. She also does well to embrace and foster the more outgoing elements of her personality, which itself does battle with her more insular predilections. 

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