Pisces 23° (March 14)

Morning is in Hyannis, after I close the bank accounts. Then I take myself out for Mexican food and slowly make my way back. I’ll stop for a something at Brick House after I do a food shop in Orleans. And by the time I work my way back I am hungry for a pizza which I plan to take to go but I can’t caught up in conversation with nice folks so decide to eat there, at Montano’s. Second, the next in Nextrology refers to what’s next for the twenty-four astrological characters, each of which has an upward spiral to tread in their journey toward self-realization. As humanistic astrologers, our true view of the signs isn’t a static one but endlessly dynamic, spiraling onward like unique strands of spiritual DNA.  It is built on the notion that people of a particular sign evolve according to the mandates of that sign, each of the twenty-four archetypes having specific tools and celestial powers at their disposal. Embracing their individual archetype is key to unlocking personal success and fulfillment on many levels. Even in our consultations with private clients whose birth charts we can read with accuracy, in detail—seeing into which signs and houses all their planets fall—even then, we put heavy focus on the placement of the Sun in their charts, that is to say, their sun sign. We set clients on their paths toward self-realization, based, in large part, on this basic sun-sign placement, which is primary and inscrutable. If our many years of study and consultation have illuminated anything, it is the fact that people born under a particular “sex sign”, though they will have their own distinct destiny to fulfill, also share an umbrella of destiny-callings with others of that sign, endemic to them all, which calls for specialized guidance and prescriptions for negotiating their emotional and psychological challenges, and drawing out their dormant, hidden or ignored talents and abilities.

Thirdly, the next in the title is a nod to our view that the signs of the zodiac are themselves evolving. If the zodiac is a perfect mandala for existence and the universe, it thus expresses the evolution of that universe. Think, if you can, of the zodiac as a portal, a wormhole, that transcends time and space. Though created in ancient times, the zodiac knows the future, beyond the banal predictive hocus-pocus of a daily newspaper horoscope. It presages scientific and technological discoveries, philosophical movements, social and political patterns and outcomes, and, well, in a word: Everything. Its particular evolution is related to major planets spending epochs in this star sign or that, and, on a grander scale, corresponds to the astrological ages. We aren’t here to impart this level of knowledge to readers of this book, necessarily. But we do think it important that you know that we know. You know?

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