Pisces 22° (March 13)

A Sundayish kind of day. I am cooking up a storm. Chicken and rutabaga and immediately making stock and vegetables. Finished. I’m not really sure what else to say except I am really starting to power through the mounds of papers in my possession and really feel that once I move from here that I will be more streamlined, probably, than ever. I am scared for the future I must say. I want so much to feel settled and I know that I have many unsettling years ahead. I am really and truly still reeling and am surprised at this coupled with how soon others have gotten past it all. I do find myself completely alone in the world. It is truly upsetting that I have no family members and that friends are very much hard to find at this juncture. The coming weeks will become even more stressful as the counsel on the other side will have stretched this out like a giant was of Silly Putty. As resonant with readers as Sextrology has been over the years, the book is comprised of twenty-four chapter-portraits of the astrological characters, which are nonetheless necessarily static in nature. It may at times pinpoint certain motivations in these characters, but mostly it answers the question who am I? And, within the scope of sun-sign astrology, we believe we provided readers with a great deal of precise insight on that score. NextrologyThe Astrology of Personal Evolution, while providing even deeper understanding of our individual characters, is designed to be an astrology book that bridges into personal development. Assuming you have a pretty good handle on who you are from an astrological perspective, Nextrology goes you one better, providing guidance, direction and answers to the question how do I make the most of who I am? You might say: where Sextrology isolated the twenty-four character-types, Nextrology now activates them.

The next in Nextrology speaks, first, to the sequel aspect of the book, giving us license to publish an ever-increasing treasure trove of astrological epiphanies and insights, something we’ve been fairly aching to do for years. In the course of our continuing study, and in private practice with clients, we have recorded this new wealth of knowledge, building upon our initial discoveries. So Nextrology is quite simply what’s next from Starsky + Cox, and we hope our readers will feast on all the fresh information and perspective we have to offer.  There is an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge and self-understanding available from a deep dive into any one of the twenty-four signs, the archetypes of which are forever unfolding.

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