Pisces 21° (March 12)

Woke to find that I am truly cut off from communication. No more texts at all. It is so disheartening I can’t even deal. I’m taking a gummy and cooking all day. Making turkey bacon hash, chicken chili, guacamole, chicken stock and finishing up the spicy vegetable soup. I set up the menu for the next week and then some as well. Boy do I ever miss my previous life. There was so much joy and wonder in it. I have to try to find my way anew; dunno how that will go. So hard to meet people at this age but I do need to try. I definitely require a new social scene although I am in no way sure how that will happen. I think about finding a place near Pantheon. I do need to reach out for work because the bread and butter needs to reboot. I want to take the next year to figure it all out. Losing weight which is great. Being very mindful of quantities. No sugar, no booze, very limited carb, Doodle Oodle Loo. Back to the future:

It has been over a decade since we’ve come out with a book, in printed form, from a major publisher. Our first book, Sextrology, subtitled The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes hit the shelves in 2004. In it we explored our philosophy, which asserts there are twenty-four main archetypes, not twelve, determined, in binary terms, by sex, and that men and women of the same sign embody separate and unique astrological characters. The book really was about the sexes foremost and sex secondly, although we included sexuality by sign as it is an integral part of personality analysis, in this case, as determined by the stars. It’s a funny thing about time because, as we explored the spectrum of straight and gay sexuality in our work, something that hadn’t really been done before in popular astrology, our book was considered groundbreaking; now, however, these years later, the social dialogue surrounding gender and sexual identity has developed so rapidly and intricately, that Sextrology strikes some people as dated and too binary in a world of increasing fluidity, for lack of a better word, in sexuality and gender. 

Although we have ourselves always held a flexible view of gender and sexual identity, as a collective, we simply weren’t talking about these things then the way we are now. And we, the authors, have, since the writing of this book, gone back into our older work, making necessary changes and additions to text, so to reflect where culture and society are now in this vital conversation. All that to say: because this new book follows the same basic binary structure of our previous works, we want to be clear that we are inclusive of all genders in our text. If, for example you are a Taurus woman, whether cisgender or transgender, you should make that your primary chapter of focus. How you identify is what is important here. In any case, we have intended this book to be read in its entirety by everyone, and we’ll provide you suggestions on how to do so at the close of this introduction. Before we do that, though, we’d like to explain how we found our way to writing this particular book at this time.

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