Pisces 20° (March 11)

Woke up to terrible text from S. who apparently took much of what we discussed yesterday the wrong way. I am back against the ropes once again and communication is being cut off. I try like hell to get through to her by text or by phone but I am back to being sanctioned. I am officially over feeling bad for my whole life. Ru Paul Snatch Game is a bomb. Kenneth Branagh is on Bill Maher. I then start binge watching The Morning Show. Doodle Oodle Loo. Back to the future: And writing my book proposal. Entering into the zeitgeist as a leading voice and presence in the field of astrology may have occurred organically, but it didn’t happen accidentally. I began to mastermind the creation and development of the brand years before the publication of any books. I knew that Starsky + Cox needed to be more than a byline; that we needed to emerge from the book cover, three-dimensionally, and become larger-than life-personalities to just the right degree. Though serious humanistic astrologers with authentic academic credentials, a real-life consultancy practice and books that expressed our honest, unique philosophy of personality and personal development via the stars, I purposefully sought to bake a performative element into the brand, such that, as a duo and as individuals, we were supersized versions of our real selves. Even as first-time authors, we staged splashy book launches at the world’s chicest boutiques with many of those famous names I dropped in attendance, positioning ourselves as “the astrologers of fashion insiders,” embodying a high-status spirt and attitude as these super stylish and entertaining, enlightened beings, even when not onstage performing before a paying audience, but simply mingling with the people. In a real, vivid way, our life itself became a meta form of living performance art, and, fast forward to the present, those who people my professional and personal life know me only as Quinn Cox, unaware that this is my pen and stage name. Even old friends call me Quinn because it’s just bloody easier. The point being: That, as a producer and director of hundreds of shows and festivals, there has been no greater production that I have mounted than that of the multi-spoked brand I’ve carefully cultivated over the last near two decades. And though Starsky + Cox continues to pursue shared professional goals and projects the natural evolution of the brand is also now manifesting individual pursuits and enterprises. For me, writing books remains the cornerstone of my career as both a creative and an expert in my chosen field whose inimitable take on the subject of astrology has resonated so profoundly with a widening gyre of readers. 

And though I have a number of writing projects in mind to ultimately pursue, the one I’m convinced is assured the greatest success at this time is a book nearest to my heart, one I know my ardent fans are most eager to possess, devour, and from which they’re bound to benefit in the extreme: 

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