Pisces 19° (March 10)

Back in action, cleaning up, working on client stuff. Spoke to the tire guy. Then what is meant to be a great chat with S. which I will learn tomorrow isn’t. We are in this pattern of having deep conversations which then get followed up with recrimination. We seem to be taking each other the wrong way. I am now finishing Ted Lasso and it’s lifting my spirits a bit. I speak to the bank manager. Also had long chat with Steve who is also going through similar pains. Anway, I’ve compiled the following notes.

Heathful Spells: Mindsets, Sustained Emotions and Action Items by Sign


Animation or is that Libra? As different from Life = Libra

Preparation and Maintenance of the temple. The framework.’


How to work power of attraction.

Want what you have.

Persephone speaks to the axis between



Virgo Woman

Kore carries sheaf of grain and sometimes a little box

Eleusinian mysteries focus on securing a happy afterlife


Parsa in Sanskrit means ear of corn or sheaf of grain

Phatta means beater of corn or thresher of grain

Libra Man

Taking that “we are” thing too far as I have and getting screwed over because of it or in the case of Dobe putting himself in a place where if he leaves she’s fucked


Rooting around (the interior)

Scorpio Woman

Dual nature Taurus-Scorpio axis as she is goddess of springtime (her return to the surface world is one and the same as the advent of spring)

To File:

Abundance is a sustained emotion….Cancer?

Celebrate Tolerate. (Sag?)


Look up. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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