Leo 27° (August 19)


I will manage to get a good deal of writing accomplished today despite the procrastination and dicking around. I did manage to update the hotel and also stay somewhat abreast of the social media as we are now three weeks out. My brain is otherwise fried so I’m glad I stumbled upon the below from when I was formally studying astrology. The irony being that I don’t actually believe I have Mercury in the first house.

I wrote exercise 2d (below) first so there might be some overlap. I do have Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde, the conceit being that the more planets retrograde in a person’s chart, the more apt I then am to view the world differently from others. So generally, it makes me unique and individualized, my motivations coming from within rather than from external impetus. That last point is very true. I also think it has a lot to do with being a late bloomer—no, that’s not the right term—perhaps I mean someone who didn’t settle in to an accepted lifestyle or pattern early on. I’m definitely not someone who easily blends in mainstream environments. Au contraire.

Mercury retrograde in 1sthouse

Mercury’s energy is somewhat interiorized for me, manifesting in a reflective, subjective, contemplative manner. Being in my first house, I think it makes me self-critical (in Virgo yikes!) and self-conscious. I think I felt apprehension, tension in expressing who I was from an early age. Though I am “spritually” outgoing, I was not physically so in youth and therefore spent a lot of time alone, playing. And I didn’t even rely on toys. Rather I would draw people, cut them out and play with them. I could almost perfectly draw cartoons like the Flintstones who I would then move around a set, also of my own design. Having my own personal nearly living-breathing cartoon to play with. Solo, obsessive stuff like that. Conjunct Pluto intensifies this. I believe this placement makes me easily misunderstood. I have an unusual way of expressing myself. I internalize experience. Repressing information. I love the concept Erin Sullivan points to of the planet Mercury mirroring the god Hermes going from the surface world to the underworld as mirroring the communication between the conscious and unconscious which I think is a well worn path of information for me. I might repress information, and not express it. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not perfectly aware of what that information is. I understand the symbolic language of my own selfconscious. My dreams communicate to me. My “shining” first house abilities are surfacing as I mature—even those I studied as a child (like piano) I only  now “understand” how to play it (though I haven’t played it in nearly 30 years until I sat at one recently). Suddenly it clicks. The “information” is just now formulated and being articulated. I learn from going inward. I find connections to the external worlds through information that arises from inside me, not from information in books. I think this makes me a good predictor of trends…I can sense manifestation and then think to express it. My relationship to the world is one intrinsically designed, not adopted through learning. More on my Mercury retrograde is discussed below in exercise.

Jupiter retrograde in Aries in 6thhouse

My Jupiter retrograde definitely falls into the Sun-opposition category, rather than one of the trine aspects, as mentioned by Erin Sullivan. And this is meant to “collude” well with the Sun even when in this position. Ego inflation is meant to be a symptom of this configuration. There may be truth in that. What I relate to most from reading her is the sense of feeling restless or unsatisfied with my home background. And needing to branch out, even emigrate in hopes of finding my own “tribe”. I definitely am at odds with my family. I think I mentioned once that I picture my parents and sister as hurtling through time and space in some sort of cosmic construct or prison. And that I’ve always felt outside of that. If Jupiter and the Sun together explain my relationship with society then with Jupiter in the 8thhouse I might feel even more the outsider. I think that my Jupiter retrograde dictates a need to find my own way and place in society at large, separate from the world I come from. Indeed, I am cut off from the world of my origin, and through no fault or action of my own. I have rather been cast out in so many ways. The idea of Jupiter retrograde specifically in my 8thhouse is initially hard to get my brain around. I think of hidden assets, even hidden talents, the unconscious, other people’s money, mysteries and occult matters, the inner workings of things, sex, death, regeneration etc. (and it has been very helpful as of late, in reading Bil Tierney, to think of the 8thhouse in terms of being in the 3rdquadrant, therefore the most mundane “of the world” and the least personal area of the chart—because the 8thhouse can seem so personal (the sex and death bit especially) but it really is so much about other’s isn’t it. In this light, Jupiter in the 8thhouse, retrograde might simply translate to being less materially motivated, more focussed on inner growth, self-wisdom and expansion of philosophical and spiritually insights. Having a more “ponderous” Jupiter—you would think I wouldn’t like the sound of that but I do! I am so NOT materially minded, it’s not real. I never think about money except when being urgently flat broke necessitates action. But I am not materially hungry by any stretch of the imagination. I want to feel expansive within myself. I like knowing what I know, but I don’t feel a need to telegraph it to others. This placement in the 8thhouse seems like a good fit to me where I can thus explore philsophical mysteries. I have strong inner visions and I do even get messages in my sleep. I trust my self and my own abilities and aren’t as open to opportunities offered by other people as a result. I don’t trust people as much as I trust myself. And I am probably not as receptive to other peoples money as I could be—oh, boy: I would change this first and foremost. Not from a greed point of view, but because delegating could make my path easier. But I can’t help living by the old adage: if you want something done right you better do it yourself     ! Money mightn’t greatly manifest for me—oh well—but my vision of abundance is rather of an internal wealth of truth, beauty, principles, freedom, artistry, all the intangibles I suppose. My 8thhouse mightn’t appear lucky unless, as Tierney says, you dig deeper.


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