Scorpio 15° (November 7)

Nice brunch today at the pig. I believe then a tiny bite first at Strangers. Met up with the Carney twins who dragged me to karaoke. A revelation. Uh oh. This will end up being trouble at some point but a kind of grace as well. I have been working my tail off coming up with ideas as I still unpack (both literally and figuratively). Doing the best I can is all I can do as we all know so that’s my story and sticking to it. I really could use an electronic version of Cosmic Coupling but that’s a subject for another day. I will at some point need to find a way to create a path through my storage space. Anyway more thoughts on the project at hand: Finding ones true self, for a Pisces, may entail losing it. On another banal note: Zasz would likely have an astrologer mentor(s) who may even be surrogate parent(s) whom she reveres, relies on, but perhaps ultimately rescues on some level. The Pisces archetype being savior who delivers or siren who drowns others. Unlike an Aquarius for whom this would all be “in her head” for the Pisces, the journey she is on is one that happens via that dreamy power of belief, which creates a great deal of synchronicity in her experience. Things seemingly coincidentally happen for a Zasz….blessed are those who believe without seeing!  Also, one wonders if Zasz is pansexual. I know her relationship in the pitch is with a woman, but those opposite facing Fish do tend to go both, if not all, ways. I would say Pisces strengths are: Intuitive, Empathetic, Dreamy, Imaginative, Compassionate, Spiritual (Old Soul), Wise, Generous, Expressive/Dramatic! Her weaknesses are: Delusional, Indulgent, Escapist, Manic/Depressive, Martyrdom, Secretive, Wishy-washy. Likes: Being alone (but the company of strangers), sleeping/reading, romance, dancing, definitely spiritual themes and study. Dislikes: Violence/aggression, crude characters, criticism (being called out), being undervalued.

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