At Scorpio 16° we find A Girl’s Face Breaking Into A Smile, which points to the young soul reaching out to new experiences. This is ruled by Capricorn in a twelve-fold sequence, the sign we have assigned with the energy of Faith, and, of course, no surprise, Faith is the keyword here. We have also assigned the Mona Lisa as an archetype of the Scorpio (woman) experience; her most famous attribute being her smile. Smiling is unique to the human experience (showing teeth is the opposite of a smile in the animal kingdom—don’t go smiling at any pitbulls, mind you). We smile upon things. It is an expression of acceptance. We use our smiles to express our connection to people, places, things, experiences. As you know Scorpio is all about deep connection. The smile says there is a way in, even if it’s enigmatic like Mona Lisa’s. The smile shows a feeling of warmth, passion, that wells up inside us; but the smile itself is still a choice, a softening, an oxymoronic strong sensitivity.


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