A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is “Great With Child” is the symbol for Scorpio 17°, ruled by Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence. Yesterday we explored the smile, and evoked the image of Mona Lisa, whom, many have suspected was pregnant. The link between the smile—an expression of rising feelings of warmth—and the literal or figurative pregnancy (with child or possibility) is clear and rather seamless. The smile is outward, but it points to something much greater happening within. “Fecundated By Her Own Spirit” is an interesting turn of phrase, even in the context of these symbols. We are not necessarily speaking of the procreative spirit but the purely creative one, whatever form that takes. Mona Lisa is not unlike Persephone on her throne. She is serene and puzzling to the objective viewer; but I believe it’s because her focus is inward. The actual pregnant woman is a perfect symbol of inner gaze—life an indeed evolution is an inside job and it happens through us by the grace of our own divine spirit. Yesterday’s smile was an expression of the recognition, and Faith in, the divine. Today the divine has become concretized in human form. We are no longer just creatures, we are the parents of the living god and the gateway to, what Rudhyar calls, “creative mutations”, which, if you’ve ready anything we’ve ever said about the energy of Aquarius, you would know this is perfectly fitting.

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