At Scorpio 18° we come upon A Path Through Woods Brilliant With Multicolored Splendor. It serves of a reminder that even though we can feel as if we are lost in the woods of our experience that there is always an illuminated path. We must look at where we came from to understand that we have arrived where we are intact. We mustn’t project fear ahead of us or else we will dim our vision. The path is illuminated already. I love this as a Scorpio image simply for the fact that it can be read literally, that the multicoloring are the leaves of the season. That can be enough because, though this is they outwardly “dying time” of the year, death appears to our eyes as a beautiful, yes, splendid thing. This image is meant to suggest the exaltd feeling of a work well done and a truly consummated life; and though that might ring true I think it is misleading; because chances are you’re thinking “oh I wish that were true for me,” when the point is: it is.

It all depends on how you judge consummation.

The pregnant woman in the former image was fecunded by her own spirit and this resulted in a consummation. The image symbolically suggested the surrender of the ego and to the inner divine-creative, for which we are but vessels, that can work and live through us. This is the very definition of a transpersonal experience. The exaltation of this image doesn’t stem from the size of your house or bankroll—exaltation cannot stem from these things, which are solely valued by ego and are limited, falling short, finite with no eternal quality or payoff for enrichment. Allowing ourselves to be vehicles for divine-creative expression however provides ultimate exaltation, though we can neither seek nor claim credit. Today’s image is ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence and we have moved from yesterday’s Transpersonal expression to actual Transfiguration. We have achieved supreme serenity via Pisces siren call and have let our ego drown, dissolve, into the sea of nothingness so that we might emerge to see the world in its true, magical form of multicolored brilliance. Indeed we might see how the world radiates around us in reaction to what state of mind-soul we are in; and not only strictly metaphorically.


I find our path is illuminated when we don’t seek to impose any requirements for our (ego) happiness on the world, safe in the knowledge that we are fine and have come this far. Imagine, now, if we can move forward with the Capricorn-ruled Faith, smiling in recognition of the loving, warm experiences and relationships we are given, letting Aquarius-ruled Grace to fill us to the point of pregnancy of all possibility, allowing ourselves to be vehicles for the divine-creative, surrendering to transpersonal experience, thus generated true transfiguration, not just of what is growing deep inside us but of the metaphysical world around us which is resplendent in its potential relationship to our capital-S Selves.

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