Taurus 27° (May 18)


Putting more finalesque touches on casting the series and festival. Moving the spoon as we say. If I can pull this off, obviously will be an amazing feat (once again). Finley Christine is in the New York Times (yesterday…I’m writing a day ahead right now if you can believe it. Well, at leat these last few sentences. You’ll just have to guess the timeline moving forward. Have had a few more happy fundraising bits of news. And I am in the process of deconstructing and then reconstructing what will hopefully be a new book proposal. Had a bit of fun last night just the two of us; made scallops and leeks and haricots vert served with Bandol (with a little rosé cremant); I didn’t sleep as babylike as I do without vino but it had been awhile and I ended up sleeping nine hours, in any case, with the craziest of dreams. It’s a full moon today; and though I have my work cut out for me like wow these next few months, I am trying to carve things up into doable chore chunks. So that led to a bit of deconstruction of said proposal this morning; I made a roast chicken and bok choy for lunch; and now I’ll do timed writing for the next four or so hours. Some thoughts I’ve been working through about Gemini:

Whereas Aries is objectiveand Taurus is subjectiveenergy, Gemini combines the two. So here we have an energetic two-way street, input and output, transmission. The energy of Gemini is literally electric. While, moving down from the Aries head and Taurus throat and neck, Gemini rules the lungs (respiration) and the arms, the wings (aspiration), and with Mercury, the nerves, the electrical system of the body, our wiring and the firing of neurons into synapes. In yoga, when we lie in savasana, we imagine nervous tension being released down through our arms and out our finger tips. We won’t argue that Gemini people are nervy and it’s where any exhaustian they might suffer will hit. Like Mercury, the mind is a trickster and it is literally formed by the most prevailing thoughts hanging in our immediate enviroment, growing up—early childhood conditioning as well as our sibling and sibling-like relationships, boon companionships are all ruled by Geminis third astrological house, such schoolyard associations defining our formative years when, hopefully, given proper rearing, we might make the right future choices. But who had that? And who among us hasn’t and doesn’t still struggle, if not with morality, how about with mortality.  Rationalizing. That trickster mind convincing us to fly too close to the Sun or otherwise put ourselves into a neural fritzout.

Peter Pan, eschewing the grown-up world, recruits other lost (read: malleable) boys, his mini mob, to establish his position as a mercurial ring leader. He infiltrates the minds of his gang members, manipulating, rewiring their frames-of-mind to match his own, (un)hinged, as it is, on perputating his eponymous syndrome. Neverland is a hood on the outskirts of time, the ticking of that clock inside the croc, and Peter forever wrestling with his shadow side which, ironically, seeks its own release. But then the shadow may be free to bring about Pan’s aging, deterioration and death, so he keeps a firm hold on it and consciously carries on whistling in the graveyard. This may be the only way he can fly—soar in his ambitions: To rid one’s mind of certain inevitabilities may prevent their crippling effects. To perish such thoughts might be a necessary precursor to owning the Gemini superpower, that of positive thinking, the full wielding of which ill affords the entertaining of limiting thoughts—even, or, rather, especially, those of the great inevitable. Is this not the very definition of present-mindedness? Being here now. Yet another expression of the “immediacy” of the sign, combining both time and space. Gemini people have the greatest potential to realize the power of positive thinking, and yet they are pardoxically the most challenged in doing so. Having so finely attuned a cerebral instrument one is that much more susceptible to distractions, disinformation and disruption—not to mention being a most cunning disseminator thereof.

Geminis live by their wits and have something of a roguepersonality, a word that combines the goodand the bad, into something hopefully benevolently badass. But it can get a little ugly, just as it might hit the most beatific heights. He who wrote the poetry of Walt Whitman or she who sang the repetoire of Judy Garland may’ve possessed such divine gifts for expression even beyond their human ability to bear them. They are a mixed bag of Mercury’s tricks. And they’re transactional. We express this in the Gemini male and female chapter names—The Goodfellowand The Gift, respectively—in our book, Sextrology. You’ve no doubt heard of Kubler Ross’s five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance; well, the whole of Gemini’s life is number three—the sign’s number, incidentally. Gemini folk are forever making deals with themselves—rationalizing—letting the ends justify the means, allowing for a little hell, some guttersniping, so to reach intended heavenly stars. Gemini’s are the most immersed of all people in the happenstance of human existence with it’s endless interpersonal interaction, details, to-do lists, dealmaking and minutae; and embracing this street-level, well, level of life (instead of struggling with, or feeling dogged by it, like many of us do) they actually elevate the experience of so-called quotidien existence to a more exalted state-of-being. Which begs the question: Why do we label these aspects of life that of mere or banal existence? Compared to what? Why shouldn’t workaday life be viewed as something sublime? For that matter why do we not view the entirety of our life as spiritual existence? How did we get the idea that we are functioning on a purely physical plane devoid of the divine? Well, the answer is simple: The messaging stems from the Judeo-Christian story of that fall from grace, that boot from Eden, (and associative myths world-wide) which the sign of Gemini represents as a metaphysical and metaphorical snap-shot. The point is we only know this life, we cannot be sure that another one awaits us, so why not approach even the most prosaic elements of it from the perspective that it is all part of the divine choreography we are dancing? The classic gods, with their super human characteristics, lied and cheated and raged and fell into depressions just as we do, chief among these being Mercury, a god of petty mischief and pranks, and yet a divine being all the same. And, well, Gemini’s apple doesn’t fall very far from that tree.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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