Capricorn 14° (January 4)

Was up most of last night binge-watching the new season of Sabrina because I’m a 14 year old girl. Fell asleep probably around 3:30 and slept till about 7 so today was not going to be the day I was planning it to be, still it was quite productive nonetheless and filled with endless synchronicities. I did my usual ablutions and cleaning and made a curried sweet potato soup that we will have tomorrow lunch. I prepped for some scallion oatcakes. And for tonight’s spinach salad with tomato bacon and egg. I paid some outstanding bills online and ordered myself a Moleskin daily planner. A new house came on the market in Wellfleet so I’ve arranged to see that tomorrow as well. En route to packing up my books I decided to organize them a bit by theme. Stella is arranging for insurance for her jewelry which triggered a conversation about a long lostt necklace of mine. As I was sorting out one of my bookshelves the necklace well one of them fell out . I haven’t seen it in probably 15 years. I have a feeling it was inside a book I was probably reading on the beach and to keep it from blowing away I must have tucked my necklace inside one of the pages and then forgot about it. I also stumbled upon a picture of me at David vermue wells wedding or rather outside my dates house before the wedding and I had just written to David sister today on the subject of his infamous disappearance. I have to say I’m pretty much over caring about that creep and I realized it’s always been a 1 sided relationship being that he’s five years older than me more than five years 5 1/2 years really and no actually almost 6 five years and nine months five years and 10 months something like that so I always looked up to him but he wouldn’t get it from the crap about me as a kid anyway if anything he would have been forced to hang out with me so whatever his eternal loss. I didn’t get any writing done on the book today but again that’s OK so much is being cleared up and cleared out and the more you do that the easier it is to do more of it so I’m just grateful for any form of forward movement right now to be honest and now that I’m in sober second semester mode it will be easier and easier to get up early feeling rested and get a lot pay made before well before the sun shines in this case I’m usually so in dread mode when it comes to this time of year faced with a long January into April on Olde Cape Cod but it can’t be long and dark enough for me this year. I need every waking moment I can get to devote to immersion in my work . I have a great many factors going for me which is facility in writing all the prep work I’ve done which has been extensive I just have to remember to utilize it in the process and I need 10 hour days in order to do that and I want 10 hour days in order to do that I want this book to be as excellent as it can be and so it shall. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1391-1395. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

I’m getting all the nooks and crannies of my finances sorted out today and I feel tickets are really moving for tomorrow night’s show in Cambridge. It should be a fun one.

The third quadrant of which Sagittarius is the third sign is all focused on the mental plane, Libra being highly conscious and Scorpio deeply subconcious, then comes Sagittarius which is expansive enough to include the two. All mutable signs (again, the third in any quadrant), somehow combine the energies of the preceding two signs. Here Sagittarius blends the brilliantly concious with the cavernous subconcious into a superconscious or supraconcsious (I really do need to look those two words up). Only William Blake, a Sagittarius, would write a Marriage of Heaven and Hell or Sagittarius Samuel Clemens rename himself Mark Twain a play on the words, the mark, or point, between. Sagittarius is mutable fire which translates to wildfire, particuarly, lightning in the sky. Named for the wild-eyed lightning wielding king of the gods, Jupiter is not only the chief planet size wise in our astrology, all other planets fitting comfortably in it, it also signifies the energies of growth, plenty, generosity, optimism and expansion in all forms, but especially of the mind as it relates to the spirit. Fire symbolizes spirit so all the fire signs focus on the metaphysical level. It’s the most shamanistic of signs. It’s the stream of consciousness. It’s psychedelic and bent on breaking beyond boundaries of perception.

Knowledge, philsophies, belief-systems all belong to the Sagittarian estate. Knowledge is Power said Auntie Mame, a modern emanation of the female archetype, the wife of Jupiter, Juno (Greek: Hera) who was goddess of women, but of power and knowlege too, as it was her divine gift to bestow omnipotence or omniscience (or both) upon Paris who didn’t pick her in his eponymous Judgement. Supreme power is what makes Jupiter/Zeus and Juno/Hero the couple to beat on Mount Olympus. And like Jupiter who can shoot lightning fire from his finger tips, Juno possess the ability to radiate outward from her entire being in such brilliance that it blinds and sometimes complete combusts those who behold her thus beaming. But speaking of knowledge, historically, Sagittarius women, in the greatest number comprised the most successful women writers to achieve global recognition. Austen, Dickinson, Cather, Wharton, Sand, Alcott, Emily Bronte the list goes on and on, proving how the proliferation of knowledge, to be an author who catches like wild fire at a time before the telegraph, and not that long after the printing press, is tantamount to greatest power and influence over the minds of many. And how else could a woman become a global sensation but to radiate outward in words. The sign shares an “opposite” axis with Gemini, the buzzy mutable air sign of information which feeds into said Sagittarian knowledge. It also takes the dual energy of Gemini and combines it into somethint tertiary.

Sagittarius is about lightning flashess of genius, blowing ones mind, breaking through doors of perception to see things from both sides at once. Sagittarius is the sign of the jazz, rock ‘n roll and the Beats (itself a combined duality of being beaten down and also beatific, raised high, all at the same time).

One such person Juno burnt was the pregnant mother of Dionysus who had to be rescued and sewn into Zeus’ thing to finish gestation. The thigh is the body part ruled by Sagittarius and the myth speaks to the struggle for power between the sexes, too. Jupiter gives birth to his own son, now, usurping the most feminine power to bring forth life. And Juno detests Dionysus more than anyone. He is a most Sagittarian archetype in his own right, being the god of extremism in multiforms, the ecstatic god of the orgy and, of course, wine, the classic drug of choice for expanding the old noggin.

Her dislike for him symbolizes power being usurped by the new male god, inheritor to Jupiter, his own youthful incarnation. The dionysian rites entailed tearing apart of the bodies of youths by the bacchanates? Look this shit up. he also occupies this purple haze of Sagitarrius….his pinecone staff is the pineal gland is about altered states of consciousness. Anyway we have to talk about how for Sag more is more. Life a banquet. The genius  Genie and the Juno.

Headed into Boston today and it was a very relaxing ride. I probably should have phoned ahead because I was very much stalled in the lobby for most of the day which felt frustrating. Finally in the room, got ready. Had a little howdee do and a beer which hit me hard. Ubered to dinner, getting to the bar early so to have some oysters, and another beer. I never drink beer. Well that’s not true. I drink it in spurts for a week or so, let’s say, twice a year. I absolutely love it but it does not like me—I think I’m basically allergic to the stuff as it gives me inflammation, I find.  Anyway I had the lobster caccio pepe and some lovely Georgian wine, so by the time I got to the show I was feeling like a rat pack show host, baby. Show was a wow and we headed back to hotel right after as we were seeing D.B. again in the morning. After that appointment, we headed slowly out through Cambridge, stopping at Central Bottle for some Le Stoppa then over to Focaccia for dinner supplies. We are going to assemble rather than cook food. We stopped to check the family cray, then headed up 93 to 89 and into picture perfect New Hampshire.

What a place. We had a few hours to ourselves to unpack and bathe and put out the spread before the others arrived. It was jolly to see them and conversation was fun.

I would like to invest in real estate and in small places. I just want to be able to transport myself places, drop in and enjoy. I don’t want large places I have to maintain. At least this is my thinking today. And anyway I have nearly two years to figure it out. A lot can happen in that time. But I have to keep my head where my feet are in the short term. I think I need to set myself up in a city and really figure out how to run a soaring business; that is my main goal. I can’t count on the promisers in the world because they know what they’re doing even less than I do. I am the person with the power here. The most amazing memory feel was from Sydney street but that was an unbelievable seventeen years ago. I was in my thirties when I barely lived there. I still can’t believe that was before the first book was written as it feels more current in my experience than any other really.

Some thoughts on the Capricorn:

Well that every sign is in reaction to the sign that precedes it. In this case the expansion energy of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is then checked by the containing energy of Saturn ruled Capricorn. The motto is I use. That is to say I don’t waste. Saturn is the old deposed, retiree god, Capricorn is the goat horn ofplenty, container, preserver of bounty, resource. C-E, the mountain with its natural resevoirs. Saturn’s wife Rhea, meaning ease, is the the grand mountain mama. We go to mountain to pray and receive god’s shall’t nots. 10th house rules rules, traditions structure, discipline, status. We’ve left wild Ecclesiastes and entered the Song of Old King Solomon. The sign has lotsa old-people energy.It rules ages 63-70. The orthodoxy. Moses, too, whom god told to build a tabernacle from goat hair. Cuz goats symbol endurance. Capricorn rules the knees: prayer;  skeleton: structure; and the skin: containment. Energy of renunciation, atonement, penance, retribution.

Cap people areretiring, reserved and most self-preservational on the flip side they can be too strict, rigid w/ themselves and others. Reward/ punishment. Faith is their superpower, fear their shadow; Panic from Pan the goat god. At this point Jesus is arrested, incarcerated so begins the tragedy from Greek tragodia,Goat Song.Jesus now playsthe Scapegoat, an ancient sacrifical figure that saves us all by taking on all our sins. Do Cap people tend to be scape-goated? Uh, yea. And, as self-preservation, as we are; we can also be the most self-sacrificing. I would absolutely take the hit if I could rid us all..Well Capricorns are resigned, resolute. And resistant!

Arrest? Incarceration? Capricorn bids we ask ourselves for what are we willing to sacrifice, on faith, and for what reward. We make our N.Y.’s resolutions in Capricorn to give up X.Out with the old. Saturn is sacrificed, cut down. His emblem the sycthe, a sickle. He is Old Father Time, the grim reaper. We should do thatsong.At Winter Solstice the young Oak King whacks the old Holly King, Saturn, Santa. Solomon. Obiwan Kenobi. Oh and the real Jesus? So not a Capricorn. Nope, he’s a Pisces. They added two months to the calendar since then—there are no lambs in December.This song on theme of incarceration and resolution was written by a Capricorn born on Christmas day.

This place of Heather’s good grief it’s so gorgeous. We had a lovely breakfast of shirred eggs and such; we traded stories about complicated friendships and it was great to share my experience with someone who has experienced something similar. We went for a gorgeous three mile walk around the lake, so lovely—we had walked it before. I had so much fun just kind of futzing around and talking with Barry about Afterglow and such. Then Heather’s niece and nephew came up for a visit and they were too precocious for words, truly. I managed to slip away a bit and back into the tub which is lovely. It figures that one of my favorite paintings in the house belongs to Mike Carrol.

I will need to get some thoughts on paper today about the Aquarius experience.

In response to excess restraint of Capricorn, Aquarius is revolutionary, evolutionary, break-out ushering in New Orders. Uranus rules; named for the god of the Universe, and its power is sudden and sweeping, often out of left field, at the eleventh hour. Aquarian people can seem far out and little freaky. They are literaly quirk-y, in that they personify the kind of sudden mutation of the sign, which, if you know your Darwin (an Aquarius), becomes the mainstay for survival of the species. The 11th house rules humanity and the future where Aquarian people seem to come from. They are ahead of their time. Which can make them feel strung out on a limb. A lone voice in the universe. Like that biblical weirdo Waterbearer, wildman John the Baptist, whose losing his head foreshadows this moment in the Jesus story: Strung out, hanging between life and death and back again! And things are about to suddenly, sweepingly change. New order.

In Greek myth, the cup bearer, Hebe, pours the nectar that restores gods’ youthful immortality as John the Baptist bears baptismal waters offering everlasting life. And here in the Jesus story that deal is about to be sealed. The scene is themed on utter despair giving way to everlasting joy. Two sides of the superpower-shadow side see-saw that Aquarius people teeter totter between. It is the Fixed-Air sign which translates to a point, or a thousand points, of light. A Star. Opposite the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun, a more distant Star. A steady beacon via which to navigate. True north. Immutable Truth itself. The sign’s motto is I know.Sudden, sweeping Revelation. Salome offering reveal-ation beckoning us beyond her rainbow colored veils. And the Joy and Grace that Truth and Revelation provide, that future glimpse of Enlightenment. Manna. Heaven. Or maybe we are losing touch with reality. Aquarius rules ages 70-77. Second childhood is a renewal of sorts.

Aquarius rules the ankles, the latest breaking (pun intended?)still fragile evolutionary feature, that enables us to stand upright. Anyway here we are at the 11th house of humanity into whose arms we might fall. The ultimate trust exercise. Why hath thou forsaken me? Here a song by a once and future avant-garde Aquarian.

I already told you everything we did today basically, as I was a few days behind and kind of got screwed up on days and actually got ahead of myself. So on this day I’m still in New Hampshire and enjoying the break. It does feel a world away here and would be fun to explore the entire region this month. I have to really get myself in gear for March where I’ve scheduled a whole helluva lot of stuff to accomplish. Wow.

Okay, so we’ve arrived at Pisces, ruled by Neptune, planet of dissolution, named for the god of the sea, the planet of energetic non-material existence. And yes we have gotten to the point where someone has “died” only to show up days later sporting some spiffy stigmata. And that not only did henot die; but now neither will anyone else who believeth in him. Which is totes cute.Pisces’ motto is I believe. Belief preceding proof. Pisces rules feet and before we walk on water we best believe we can. Science ultimately proves many a belief.

Like the fact that everything really is non-material, that all is energy in varying densities. And that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.Something the ancient Zodiac seemed to know along. So none of us are really going anywhere.Moot point. Immaterial! Ha, ha.

We just pass over the RoyGBiv bridge, beyond Time and Space, thru Salome’s seven colored scarves, to Oz or Nirvana to some immaterial universe, which is right here all the time. Pisces’ opposite facing fish portray the two-way street of birth and death, in limbo or utero. Pisces is Mutable-Water, the primordial soup of energy from whence we came and to which we return.

The 12th house is that of asylum or theasylum. Haven, sanctuary, oblivion, all and nothingness. Pisces people are the most empathetic, it’s their superpower living in a world of pure energy. They’re the most likely to achieve enlightenment and yet the most challenged in doing so. They can most easily let go into that belief energy and yet the most likely to get lost in delusion.

So Jesus is a Pisces. The Jesus Fish. And so is Mary. The Pisces fish are totems of Aphrodite, called Mari, and her son Eros. Mari is Mary whose della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea fringedwith foam.Eros at once oldest god yet eternal babe. Father, Son. Eros is Love. Jesus is Love. Cosmic Love. Spiritual Love. That which connects us all. Close your eyes. Imagine, believe, you are pure energy, letting your notions of matter dissolve.Feel yourself, as molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, hadrons, quarks, as pure energy, sharing the same primordial soup as the rest of us.

We had snow overnight in New Hampshire and it took some digging out. And then all our bags…we were kind of ridiculous with the amount. I’m looking forward to staying put a while to be honest. It was great to talk through all the N/B stuff last night with caring friends. It was strange to pass by without stopping but it was right. Waiting for the walking green. There will be a couple more weeks of winter, despite what that hog queen said, and as a big joke on us for not having much in that way for awhile. Playing real good for free. Faggots please. Why can’t we own that word? I was called faggot for the bulk of my young life why can’t I claim it now. Anyway. This requires a complete rewrite so here I go again. I will be focusing fully on what must be a serious roll out of exacting work between now and March 15. I will have all the information I need and I will also be able to plan some travel in the process. I am excited to get my grand schemes off the ground before the even bigger ones pour in. It’s all in due course and I want to feel very good about that. And I should. I am going to do the lent thing for sure. Going to give up sugar and flour and anything alcoholic but for the occasional glass of organic red wine because I’m not an animal. I might give up meat as well just because. We shall see. All I know is that I want to feel fabulous this spring and I’m so tired of gaining and losing the same 10 lbs. It’s really boring.

I had some very strange and apocalyptic dreams as of late. Last night I remember calling out “stop planet” as if I could do that and I looked out the window which was very prehistoric landscape the way los angeles can be (particularly at night). I can’t really say what it was about but I know I felt on edge in the dream and when I woke up. I just feel like there is too much shade going on between friends; too much sangfroid and everybody jockeying for attention that is otherwise not forthcoming. I especially find social media so pat and flat and I really am looking for a way to transcend all this nonsense. We have some irons on the fire for sure. And I’ve watched supposedly gungho people drop the ball. It’s really boring and nothing else but. It isn’t bothersome per se. But I do resent all the dinners and meetings with people that go nowhere. Anyway, ones good comes over calm sees and success does find us already in the process of exploring our good. I’ve hung around with a lot of materialists over the years and it is a double edged sword for sure. It’s going to feel good to feel good again. And that will come from the return to the daily constitutionals once this winter weather takes a powder. We are nearly there. We all have responsibility to be as happy as we can.

Sometimes on PBS or other stations they would feature kind of oldies concerts. Well now oldie concerts feature people who are that much older than I am. It’s so boring to talk about age; it’s just as bad as talking about weight. And yet it is impossible not to measure I feel sometimes. But there are magic ways to turn back the clock. You’ll see. I’ll be doing just that myself over the next couple of weeks leading to the astrological new year.

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