Sagittarius 18° (December 10)

A sweaty night’s sleep. Was thinking of Bonnie Sip last night as I was cooking dinner and suddenly she beamed in. Weirdly she had also made a sort of taco meal the night before and had gone to the dentist in the day as I did. And she’s obsessed with her water pic which I have to buy today if I can. I’ll call Snows. I have a lot on my plate today so I thought I would start just by telling myself what to do. It is now 11:20 and I should leave here no later than noon and stop by the bank to make a quick small deposit. Then I will drive to Wellfleet PO and deal with the box and the forwarding. That should take me to 1PM and hopefully enough time to get to Hyannis. Actually I should try and get out of here soon and deal with the scratches on the car. What a hassle. On the way back from Hyannis I will stop and get the little bit more of groceries I need. I can plan menus today while waiting for the car or I can work on starting to put together what will be needed for the four-way. I also need to call some restos and see if they need help. Meanwhile I will write to Len and say a simplified version of what I said yesterday. One: modest but I have a bunch of little lamps and some art and throw pillows and cookbooks and baskets and other decorative items to warm it up. Would you be open to my repainting some of the walls that are already painted not paneled (a color you approve). The TV there comes with? Is wifi and internet hooked up and/or included or would that be up to me. If it works for him I would like to pay the full $7K sooner than later. Also, as I have to be out of here April 30, could I start moving things over (and maybe doing some painting) during the last week or ten days in April. Ideally Richard will have been happy with me as tenant and will have me back next November and if you are likewise happy I could return to your cottage for a second year. I am trying to foster as much domestic stability as I can create for myself at this point in my life which is otherwise so uncertain. As much as one yearround place would be appealing, I kind of like the idea of being in Truro in the summer as Ptown can be so hectic. 

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