Libra 7° (September 29)

Good gravy I woke up at 3 and just decided to go and “love” my birthday posts. It was a low-key day for sure but really quite good. I just sort of let it all wash over me and didn’t try to overachieve in any way shape or form. We decided to make a lovely dinner in the end and not get so dietetic until, well, now. I’m going to take it fairly easy today, also, and prioritize a little nappypoo. I have to say the outpourings from acquaintances were really nice but there was a serious dearth in the actual friendship department which, if you’ve been tuning in, has been a theme these past few years. I am so responsible when it comes to beaming in to say happy this or that on others’ occasions but I do tend to be forgotten. Also, it has been a trend over the years that women friends just stay in touch with S., and kind of make her the point person. Anyway, the thing is, I’m not hurt by any of this anymore. Funny that I pulled the Moon card this morning, inverted, which is meant to signal the release of emotions that have been hung onto, repressed and caused disress, anxiety and illusion. That’s all fine and good. I did have one Aries friend beam in by text which was nice but in a fashion typical to that sign he ended the chat with a link to a solo project. This is not surprising to me. No, I’m really going where the love is in a major way, grateful to have been released from bonds with the superficial and the mean-spirited, happy to remain in the light of those who are caring and value the deeper things that I value. I don’t care about rooms and their decoration. That said, when people have entired any place I’ve lived they always say how amazing it feels. I find that the best compliment of all actually. Visitors do pick up on the vibration of my world more than focus on who made the sofa or whose art is hanging. So many times I have heard people say that our place is their favorite place and I tend to believe that. I like a lived in world. I can’t stand skating on the surface of things. I hate precious environments or those that look good but are torture to inhabit. I leave that to the Scorpio people I have known. No slight to Scorpio but there is often something quite punishing about their environments. 

I don’t have a lot more to say today except that I am actually feeling rather optimistic. Tonight is the debate which is just weird to think about. I cannot believe that this melted pile of burnt sienna Crayola crayons is even posing a challenge at this point. I surprised he has the nerve to show up. I want to see that entire brood in prison, that is my greatest desire right now on this earth, I must say. Anyway, I have a good deal of other writing to do today and I will focus on that and then try to take a wee snooze. I am physically exhausted in a way that I can’t afford to be, and the buck, if you want to call it that must now stop here. I am leading with optimism. I am going to let reality rule the day. I am going to let things be easy with my book work at hand which, at this point, is really just about preparing the soil. We need the work to be enough to satisfy the agreements and keep the ball rolling and the dialogue going. There will be plenty of time for tweaking and massaging, so really no worries there. I am not going to lose sleep over anything for fear. Ah yes, that is the point of the Moon card, mostly. It is a card of fear, even if it is the releasing thereof. If you put out fear you draw affronts to you. If you say fuck you to fear and know that you cannot be bullied, then you are good. With farmer fuckface, for instance, his whole m.o. was to make us feel uncertain. Imagine purposefully trying to make others feel uncertain during trying times like this. That is a sin in the truest sense. Anybody who needs to cause others fear or pain is just evil. And the point is that in the face of f.f.’s abuses we sought support both through the system and in consulting our law offices which have partners who do this sort of thing and this went a long way to make us feel supported and to quell any fears that f.f. sought to instill in us. Upshot is it ain’t happening. And that is what I’m getting into my body today. The knowledge that you can’t hurt me or us. You have no power here. And that is one of the elements of this ritualized new beginning. This is day one of my new birth year and I’m committed to being kind to myself, foremost and to treat myself like absolute gold.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 911-915. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Preset Logo. Projection screen is raised. Band then S + Q enter.

And so it begins. As it began. With a Star. (Matt plays chord) Actually I’d like to say a few words first , if that’s okay. Sure, just: Dashing Through remember. Yes, that’s why I want to pre-distill: The wheel of the Zodiac is Everything. Oh, the Zodiac is Everything. A contained sphere of unthinkable enormity. Infinity ever expanding. In what should be an upward spiral.

The Zodiac is applicable to everything, as we’ll explain tonight. 1) a model and metaphor for all existence—which matches exactly to our creations myths; and 2) it also perfectly fits Christ-mas story, and the whole Jesus thing; and 3) the Zodiac directly applies to all of us, tracing our own would-be quests toward enlightenment apotheosis divinity. Our own stories currently being written.

Each sign is distinguished by a combination of a “quality” and an “element.” Aries is Cardinal-Fire.The Spark. Big Bang of Creation. Ignition. Emergency. The birth of a star. The birth of all stars. Happens by fusion. The birth of all things. New life, beginnings. Oneness, singularity. A new order, a new age, a new God. Self. Me? I.

The 1st house is that of birth, beginnings, self, the body, temple of the spirit. The motto is I am.Being and embodiment. Purpose. The sign is ruled by planet Mars for the War God. Aries people are like Ah. Objectivity. Aries people personify this Mars-fueled energy. They’re all forward. Putting it out there. Not taking much in. They’re me-first, head first—the sign rules the head—looking out for #1. Their singular goals. Their solo objectives. It’s what Aries people can best teach us all to do. If only you all looked out for yourselves then I wouldn’t have to.

Self-actualization. Buddha. Being your own spiritual leader. This is a brand of spirituality that is natural for the Aries. Who is the first to see that star? The shepherd. And Ram is the original shepherd, leader of the flock. This song was written by an Aries, T.R. seeking to reckon the singularity of Self with that Star, which gives her pause. And it begs the existential question: Could this be about more than just me? Is there even such a thing? Or am I all there be?

song: Star of Wonder.


If that Shepherd was an Aries, she didn’t follow that star. I dunno, if I were alone on a hill top, no street lights, at the dawn of the first century and saw some massive starburst in the sky, I know the first words out of my mouth would be: Jesus Christ. Speaking of new beginnings. At 11:28 AM tomorrow the days start getting longer as we slowly grow to full impeachment by June. Oh, don’t even worry about it. It’s all cyclical. Everything runs it’s course. Upward spiral, but on a diagonal, so every so often we experience a dip. But we’re on the up now you’ll see.

So we move from Aries to Taurus, Mars rule to Venus rule. In the Creation Myth, Cardinal-Fire big bang Genesis to Fixed-Earth, the garden, Eden, fertility, made all the more so by a little Taurus BS. No manure no magic. Bulls, cows, are symbols of worship and idolatry. The golden calf. That bovine Adonis, flower god, Ferdinand rolling in the roses. And in the Xmas story, too, we swing on over to the manger, the cow trough. From the French manger, to eat, to consume. Ready to be worshipped and adored. Oh I could just eat him up. Adoration lasting all of his life and beyond. Well he did have a Jewish mother.

Taurus is like ah subjective, inviting, fixed earth, the garden, utilizing the power of attraction, the senses to lure, tempt, seduce. It always happens in a garden—Eden, Gathsemene —some evil lurking. Taurus people embody this Venus energy of attraction and allure. They are most appealing. Taurus wants to be prized, treasured, possessed even. The sign’s motto is I have.

2nd house of Taurus rules our assets, our values, our talents, which must be cultivated, like a garden. Taurus rules the neck, throat, gullet, appetites, the voice, symbolic for the talents and value we possess. And, as a rule, Taurus people provide the best lessons in self-cultivation. They are at once most self-possessed and yet willing to accept others’ praise and even allow others to work their own agendas through them. So long as it benefits the Taurus, foremost, they’re let others do the heavy lifting. And Taurus’ brand of spirituality involves being possesed by some spirit, taken up by some rapture. This by a Taurus who calls himself by Latin name for G.V.

song: Gloria


Ever seen Bono at an event or something? He’s tiny, which obviously isn’t a problem. Well he seems not to like it. He was taking a ton of photos with people and this is what he does. Can someone take a picture?

So Aries Cardinal-Fire big-bang Genesis, Taurus Fixed-Earth Eden then Gemini, Mutable Air is like biting into that apple: the Fall, consciousness, the sign’s motto is I think. Duality, division,”the twins”, a split. Self-consciousness of good evil, mortality immortality, right wrong—being cast out into the wilderness, and ultimately, the urban jungle.

Fitting as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, for the wing-ed, eternally adolsecent, urbane, street-wise urchin messenger god, a trickster, huckster, “psychopomp” who can travel from heaven Olympus to hell of Hades. He is fun, funny, mischievous but a fly in the ointment. God of the literal crossroads: namesake markets, merchants, petty thieves, deal-makers, buskers, artful dodgers, all manner of streetwalkers, and the figurative crossroads: our choices, our messaging. Either way we strike.bargain. And Geminis strike one most easily between their earthly existence and their divine aspirations, their brand of spirituality being more flexible and forgiving of personal/human failings than most, heaven and hell being a perpetually mixed ‘n mingled state of mind.

The 3rd house rules childhood conditioning. In the Xmas story, too, Jesus in his own adolescence is something of a street urchin, preaching at the crossroads, putting his own messaging out there. Rubbing elbows with the hoi poloi, doing miracle tricks, questioning authority, sowing division mainly by being more forgiving than most of human failings.

Gemini is like ah. They’re wired up. Information central. Thoughts coming in and out fast and furious.Gemini rules the nerves, neurons our wiring.They best deal with life and others, not hanging on too tightly but keeping it light and moving and not taking too firm a stance, morally or otherwise, naturally understanding the transience of all things.

Mercury has a female counterpart, Eris, the wing-ed goddess of discord, who also sows division when scorned. She threw her own apple with the words “for the fairest among you” written on it into a party to which she wasn’t invited causing all-out Trogan War.

We were in the elevator at the Waldorf once with the Gemini who wrote this next song about duality—she was with her manager who said you know Edgar Bronfman Jr., then head of Warner Music, is staying in the hotel. And she said: Let’s go to his room, break his door down and throw a bomb into it.

Song: Leather And  Lace


Patrick Johnson. Patrick is a Pisces. And on bass, Capricorn Danton Boller. I’m a Capricorn too. And on Violin, my fellow Libra Tomoko Akaboshi, and on the Baby Grand, he gives us catch scratch fever, loveable Leo, Matt Ray.

Ok: Aries Creation, Taurus Eden, Gemini the Fall. and then what happens? Anybody? The Flood. Yes. Cancer, cardinal-water, to wash all our cares and sins away. The sign’s motto is I feel. Cancer is like ahhhh. A fountain of emotion. Crwying, crwying. Cancer people understand the need to purge, as a means of recovery, letting go, expression, being a hallmark of their natural m.o. and their particular brand of spirituality. They have much to teach us on that score—more fully processing their past and present feelings than most.

Water symbolizes emotion. Mystical Mother Moon rules Cancer, the tides and namesake moods. The mind may play tricks but feelings never lie. Cancer rules the gut as well as the breast: Our intuition and our ability to nurture—ourselves foremost.

The flood myth is a metaphor for recoveryNoah was a drunkwhich we are all in all the time. Cancer people often start life feeling at sea, ultimately finding and securing safe harbor, which is an inside job. And we typically have to leave, to lose ourselves to find ourselves. To separate ourselves from any prior conditioning that we’re no longer feeling.

The 4th astrological house is that of both the home we come from and the one we create for ourselves. Passage, deliverance, promise, hope, which floats.cue music At this point in “the story” we lose track of Jesus, post adolescence he’s off, somewhere, the theory being, to study mysticism in the east. A study abroad. Mysticism is defined as spiritual knowledge that is inexessible to the intellect, gained through intuition. Feelings. Oh, not to worry, we’re not doing that.

Song: On The Road To Find Out

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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