Libra 8° (September 30)

Where to begin. I have been superproductive only not on the project at hand but removing the obstacles to the work is indeed part of the work and my schedule has miraculously revealed a window so still no loss of time if I can still to it. Major windstorm with sheets of rain on Olde Cape Cod and we lost power; as a result had to cancel the client appointment we had in the books. I made my version of shrimp scampi last night with rice verde (just thyme) and baked asparagus, which was pretty damned delicious. I’ve been on quite the cuisine roll of late. Birthday wishes still pouring in which is lovely. Time really is healing all wounds. I pulled the Emperor yesterday and the Sun today, which are reflections of the positive spirit with which I am currently suffused. Listening to France Musique at night and still able to sit out in the warm and breezy air with star filled skies. S. took some amazing open exposure photos last night, so beautiful. And then I watched the debate which was a mistake on one hand but necessary on the other. Things can get worse. But they don’t need to touch me all that much personally. In my private, professional life I have the sense that all is going to work out. I have been doing a lot of work around the work. And I have some great ideas right now to put down on paper; the one remaining block which really isn’t a block at all, is getting back into the machinery of book writing, which is what will happen today. I am going to finish up this little Blagueness today and let the “reruns” continue for this year, backing off the Blague a bit while taking inventory of all I’ve written before. When I get to the end of the astrological year, come March, all I need do is read through the previous year to start categorizing my writing work into those that will emerge in the doing. By then, too, I will have a solid draft of this new book and hopefully be able to turn my eye to television. Whatever the case, we will make this work. All the challenges these past, I’m going to say seven years, have brought me to this new place. I am going to run my solar return chart for the first time ever.

Cancer ascendent: wearing your emotions on your sleeve this year. More sensitive than usual, you have your eye on security. Your attention turns to your home front, your family, and domestic issues. You may be more introspective than usual. Oversensitivity and defensiveness may be a problem. Security is a driving force this year. As Cancer’s ruler, the Moon holds important clues as to what area of life in which you may encounter instability and change, and why you feel protective of your sense of security as a result. Sun trine Moon: You will show more enthusiasm and vitality during this year. Your thinking will be very positive and you will want to take the initiative and make decisions that you have not considered before. Your confidence in yourself will be recognized by others and you will receive support from your family and friends in general. It will be easy to carry out the changes that you propose which will benefit you in the future. You also could receive help from powerful or very influential women. Your popularity will increase and you will feel comfortable in your surroundings in spite of any difficulties that you encounter. Your physical body will be very resistant to any type of illness. If you have some kind of on-going health problem at this time, it is probable that it will be successfully treated during this year. This is mainly due to the fact that you will find it easier to deal with your emotions, thereby putting less stress on your mind and body.Sun opposition MC: You could meet with obstacles or oppositions in your profession during this year. You will have to work and sacrifice more in order to achieve the position that you desire. Don’t get too obsessed with blaming others though because it could be due, in part, to the fact that you reject the ideas and opinions of others. Due to your negative attitude, your social life could also be affected. You will feel that your objectives are not in tune with others and will insist on doing things your own way. You will probably prefer working alone as much as possible this year so you will not have to deal with opposition from others. Situations not related to your profession could also be problematical for you. These could be things like disagreements with your partner or business associates, problems in your home life, or your own lack of enthusiasm for and trust in your own projects. It is important that you define your goals and that you work with perseverance to achieve them without letting anything get in your way.Which house Sun can show a strong area of focus for the upcoming year. The house position of the Sun in the SR chart shows where (which areas of life) the individual wants to shine. The individual will take pride in this part of his or her life, and a big ego investment lies in this area. He or she has the opportunity to rejuvenate this area. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 916-920. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

That was by Cancerian Moonchild Cat Stevens who felt his way to becoming Yusuf Islam. We all must feel and purge, cardinal-water cartharsis delivering us “home” where the heart is.

Leo—Fixed-Fire—is the flaming sacred heart and hearth, the center, like its ruler Sun, of our being. Feelings move us but Leo passion sustains us and makes us whole. Leo people are like ah. Yeah. They own it. They get theirs.

The 5th house is that of creativity among other things. Like love affairs. When we embrace our creative passion—or fall in love—its as if the Sun shines on us. The Sun is a star and the 5th house is about achieving our own personal stardom. Having a love affair with life! If the Moon is mother: nurture, the Sun is father: authority and authorship. King Arthur creating his sphere of influence—the round table is a Sun symbol. That’s what Leo people do: They rule over their lives….and others’.

The 5th house is the love we give and “co-creation with god.” To love others or our creations, be they real or “brain” children, is to be as god, creator as well as a creature. Leo people are—God complexed? I was going to say fiercely loving but yeah.

The sign’s motto is I will, which is both a pledge and a command. Leos are living examples of courage, strength, backbone. The sign rules the spine as well as the heart. You know, people say I can’t find love. I tell them Love is a verb not a noun. Just do it. Or get a hobby.

At this point in the story: Jesus realizes he is both son and father and he gets into the whole starring co-creative role, drawing on his patrilineage down from King David, the Jewish Arthur, surrounding himself, like the Sun, with his twelve apostles. It’s the honeymoon phase, the halcyon days of the Christ-mas story. Feeling sanguine and soverign. And maybe he did have an affair with Mary Magdelene or that transgendered Apostle, or both. cue music

A love affair for the ages. LOVE is our apotheosis.                          

song: Snowed In at Wheeler Street


That was Kate Bush song. Love her. She of the Constellation of the Heart. In her Circle of Fire. With her Hounds of Love, (woof) dressed as Arthur /Artemis, Leo woman archetype—can’t escape it—whom Homer called Lioness among women. She loves being a Leo. Every sign serve as a remedy to the excesses of the previous sign. Virgo, sign of humility, follows Leo, given to excess pride, a term for pack of lions.

Virgo’s ruler is in dispute. Traditionally it’s Mercury. Yet some say it’s Chiron, once a planet that was pummeled by asteroids and disabled; others say it’s the as yet undiscovered Vulcan. All are valid; but what’s most telling is that we don’t have the full Virgo story, pieces are missing, lost. We do know that the mythological Mercury, Chiron and Vulcan were all healers.

Vulcan, Greek, Hephaestus, is a potter, a smithy god, an alchemist and a healer. All substantial change as befits Virgo’s Mutable-Earth status. Hephaestus is lame, channeling his disability

into work and service to gods and men alike. The signs mottos are I work and I serve. Work

and serve. H’s biblical counterpart is Job, job, work, no? Dashing Through. H’s is the god of the human condition. He knows our reactions to loss, pain, suffering, can go either way. Giving rise to virtue or to vice. Out of clay, he sculpted Pandora who, with her infamous box, brought all virtue and vice into the world. She is the Vessel, like Mary Magdalene, vestal virgin, sacred harlot, female archetype of the sign of Virgo.

The 6th is that of our habits, rituals, work, diet.Virgo rules digestion. Our conscience is itself a digestive system, meting out virtue from vice. In processing hardship we undergo alchem-cal change, baser elements of self being burned away. Purified in the fire of our own being

Virgo’s like ah/ok. They remind us we are all works in progress. And being of service is the hallmark of their brand of spirituality. This next song was written by a Virgo coming to grips with loss. Oh, and as a side note, I fronted two cover bands in my life, the original bands of which were both led by Virgos: a Till Tuesday cover band called CU Next Tuesday. And a Pretenders cover band called The Pretenders.

song: 2000 Miles


So picking up the thread of the biblical mythos Cancer the Flood and Exodus. Leo Kings. Virgo JobA broken figure. But that’s where the light gets in! Hold that thought! I know what you’re going to say. Oh really? Yes, you’re going to say that just as Virgo connects to the Book of Job so too does the next sign of Libra correlate to the following book of Psalms which is made up of poems, songs and prayers.

Yes, be- because, Libra is the Cardinal-Air sign; which translates to Light. Enlightenment. Beautiful principles, ideas and aesthetics ruled by Venus on the astral plane. And …And that if Virgo was about function then Libra is about design. That its conceptual. The Scales being the only inanimate sign. Yes impressive) and that the sign’s archetypes are Astrea and Apollo, the god of light and all such abstracts like order, harmony, reason, prophesy, poetry, music.

The seventh sign, seven notes to “The Scales”: Apollo plays the Lyre; so does Sting, right? He’s a Libra. I think so. And Psalms is most lyrical. The book is literally lyrics, choir parts, actually, with stage directions, no less, like “light incense here.” Hello! They’re spells! The projection of thought forms. Inanimate but alive…? Apollo is an oracular god and his high priestesses are white witches. So are Libra people on their infamous soap boxes. They are like ahh. Their particular brand of spirituality is uplifting. They endeavor to lift everyone higher. To raise consciousness to a white-light level. They can seem a bit judgy…but teach us that we all must stand for some thing! Begs the question do you?

How about equality, democracy, liberty? Libra’s mottos I balance and We are, both champion harmony—the seventh house is that of relationships, “marriage” contracts, social ones especially. That navel-gazing conscience of Virgo now becomes a social conscience in Libra. So that we are in harmony in balance. Even the Libra body part is about balance, being the hinge of the body and the kidneys which balance our water and minral levels. Anyway… This song is by two Libras, B. Geldof/M. Ure. Its for and about others; and it definitely requires some harmony.

song: Do They Know It’s Christmas


Last we saw Jesus, he returned from his Cancer trip into the mystic, landing a lush Leo life as the King of Kings, performing Virgo alchemy, healing, spouting poetic parables from Libra pulpit, wrestling demons of Scorpio desire, emerging rather changed, waxing ecstatically philosophical. He’s a little crazy at this point. Things careening a bit out of control.

And as we come next to the Ecclesiastes, the most mind-expanding third-eye bit of the good book so too do we move into the Mutable-Fire sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, named for the chief god of power, Greek Zeus, god of lightning, mutable fire in the sky, altered states of genius or madness. Either way a bit touched. Jupiter is growth, generosity. The 9th house is of mind expansion/supra-c, philosophy, knowledge

Knowledge is power! Jupiter’s counterpart and sister-wife Juno, the Greek Hera, is goddess of power. She is blindingly radiant, those she blinds being given second sight—third eye. “Vision” is the most expansive of our faculties.

The sign’s motto is I see…I understand.

Juno/Hera is the Goddess Diva, Lady Godiva who blinded peeping Tom. She burned the mother of Dionysus who, when still a fetus, was then sewn into Zeus’ thigh. Sag rules powerful thigh and liver/excess. Dionysus, orgiastic god of excess, wine, ancient drug of choice for mind expansion also inhabits the purple haze of Sag. His pinecone staff is the pineal gland, 3rd eye.

Juno’s jealousy and dislike for Dionysus symbolizes goddess power being usurped by the imposition of the new male god. It’s the same old story as Mary being written out of the holy trinity by the patriarchy Both Queens of Heaven.

Radiance, power, excess, genius and generosity, overflowing, hallmarks of the Sadge experience. Sag people are like ahhhh. For them more is more and we must prolierate, spreading like wildfire, our knowledge, power, generosity. Sag spirituality can be most ecstatic, excessive. In ancient times men had their genie or personal god of genius; we still have the cartoon version. But it is lost knowledge that ancient women also had their own personal juno, an expression of their radiant genius mind and spirit. But goddess power, personal or universal, can never be snuffed out; it only expands, more and more.

songs: And the Wind Cries Mary / And I Think It’s Going to Rain Today

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