Taurus 24° (May 15, 2022)

I am in a blackout. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate. Linguine Bolognese

Pisces Woman

Pisces is a delicate creature who proves tougher than even she imagined. A soft-spoken old soul, oft silent in youth, her eyes seem to gaze inward, introspection being a superpower for the “opposite-facing” Fish. An open channel, she may get psychic flashes that spook her. She is most empathetic, triggering self-protective isolation or, on the flipside, losing herself in social swirls or substances. Pisces is the mutable-water sign, a primordial soupy source of all life or a single embryotic trip. The two-way fish signify the womb-tomb, alpha-omega, and Pisces is rather all or nothing and must learn to calm her anxious seas. Mutable-water is mists, fog, vapors, seafoam, from whence Pisces’ great sea-goddess archetype Aphrodite (Mari) sprang. The Pisces fish depict the love-gods mother and son, Aphrodite and Eros, in totem form, prototypically the same as Mary and the Jesus fish, also love, Mary’s della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea and foam. Ruling Neptune is the planet of dissolution. The sea god’s trident portrayed the three-pronged phallus needed to mate with the triple goddess. (Trinity from The Matrix, hello?) Mother of the nine muses, triple goddess in triplicate, Mnemosyne is goddess of memory, like dreams, an immaterial narrative. Pisces is the Everywoman of the zodiac, her empathetic nature also expressed by mirroring others in her life, giving the impression of multiple personalities.

Mutable-water speaks to life on the non-material, purely energetic, and thus perhaps malleable plane. Pisces is rather spiritually inclined and, as we know, all is energy, matter included; the sign’s motto is I believe, and if anybody could alter reality via the power of belief, prayer, or the like it would be the Fish. That said, with the loosest grip on so-called reality, Pisces can suffer from mental issues, visions, delusions. It’s a thin line between communing with the All and getting lost in some form of oblivion. Tennessee William’s delicate, dissolute, Blanche Dubois in della robbia blue, is another Pisces icon, having lost her home Belle Reve (beautiful dream), plagued by tragic memory and hallucinations, bathing and drinking like a fish, hitting on young boys, lost in illusions of rhinestones and faux fur, “making enchantment.” Asked what became of Blanche after going to the looney bin, Williams claimed she was cured and opened a fancy dress shop in New Orleans. Pisces is such a survivor. For all her frailty, she is also the zodiac’s Siren (meaning: to bind) who entrances and drowns errant sailors; those who’ve been in a bond with Pisces will buy into this allusion, happy, even, to have drown in her, often tempestuous, sea of love. She may have multiple relationships, as her own personality goes through many changes over time. She is an autodidact and, from youth, taking pains to better herself. Often an artistic ability exposes her to worldly people and prospects. She may prematurely run with a fast crowd, swept up in promises of glamour, pleasure, luxury. In time she will provide herself such fringe benefits to a meaningful life making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Many a Pisces have championed causes aimed at helping those who are amarginalized or forgotten by society, the gravely ill and other so-called untouchables. 

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