Taurus 23° (May 14)

A nice day to have off. Don’t have a super clear idea of what happened on this day but I know I’m gearing up for Monday which we all hope will go smoothly which it does-ish. Haven’t been seeing anyone socially and can’t even get to the beach. Sushi from Mac’s Shack and Steak Tip Taco’s Captain’s Choice

Pisces Man

Pisces floats in and out of your life but is totally present when with you. The most knowing, least knowable, of the signs, Pisces functions best unanchored. That said, if he wants in to a certain milieu, just try keeping him out. He permeates situations, getting through the cracks, like a gas, shamelessly appealing as a selfless creature, obsequious yet taking up a lot of space. Pisces is the sole mutable-water sign, symbolized by the salt sea, foam, mist, fog, vapor, ether and, yes, gas. He should be like a lucid dreamer, giving himself over to experience, letting it take him where it will. Ruled by Neptune, planetary energy of dissolution; Pisces must dissolve into life, which ironically, is best achieved when moored, spiritually and/or romantically, to someone who’ll give him wide berth. The opposite-facing Fish sign is the paragon of paradoxes. Its motto is I believe, and the Pisces can realize any desired outcome with his superpower imagination, a word linked etymologically to magic. If the previous sign of Aquarius is the rainbow veils of Salome, we are now over it, Pisces being the man behind the curtain, a wonder-filled wiz at carving out his own corner of nirvana. Pisces tends to be a visual person; his process is nonlinear, impressionistic, allowing creative ideas to surface from meditation on his given subject, rather than imposing them. He has a way, too, of letting opportunities find him in his field of experience or expertise. He lives life on life’s terms, taking a path of least resistance. He seems to absorb knowledge as if by osmosis, especially omniscient regarding artforms under Neptune rule—painting, design, film, photography, mixed media as well as theater, dance, opera et al.

Pisces is whom he imagines himself to be. He is a revisionist in the purest sense of the word, reframing his life to suit the life story he wants to tell. He is a fabulist who clears his history of unwanted storylines, inserting others he’s dreamed up. He will put on erudite airs, adopting a yah style of speech, just as he is drawn to rarified enclaves that smack of an upper crustiness. At the same time, he may frequent “underground” milieus where most fear to tread, but keep it to himself. Pisces has typically seen it all or intends to. Like that gas, he seeps in everywhere, achieving a certain omnipresence to match his omniscience, which is right up his archetypal alley. The Pisces fish are the mythic animal totems of Aphrodite, also called Mari, and her son Eros (love), at once the oldest (father) god, and yet the eternal babe (son), Sound familiar? The Jesus fish fits Pisces man to a tee; as does his ability to fall into the arms of the world and let the universe decide his cosmic plan, sans struggle but not without sacrifice. Sometimes actually messiah-complexed, Pisces identifies with the marginalized, surrounding himself with disenfranchised souls whom he inspires, if only at cocktail parties. The twelfth astrological house rules outcasts, pariahs, the forgotten or exiled, and other such meek inheritors.

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