Virgo 2° (August 24)

Day Twelve E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Lobster, Corn, Steamers, Asparagus @ Dave + Alison. So it’s actually Christmas as I write this. On the actual day I drove to Alison’s for the first time, bring some beers and some kind of snack I don’t remember. I arrive and the back yard of the house slopes down to a pond where they were swimming. I met her mother and daughter. The mother had a really strong personality. I bonded easily. Dave and I cooked, well first undercooked, lobster on the grill which the mother soon rightly pointed out needed way more time. There were steamers but I really didn’t have any. My overall interior is super, super sad. I miss my life so much more sometimes when in the company of other people, which is meant to draw you out. Better alone where all that is missing is the other person you love so well, but otherwise surroundings and self even can be familiar. So I have this idea of filling in over a hundred Blagues ahead between today and Christmas, which includes “reading” papers in, using the dictation button with which I want to refamiliarize myself. Also making a poetry document because I have folders filled with old documents. I’ve also thought about scanning them in; but I think it will be better to have them on word. I just super need to get a good tech guy in place to help me organize myself. I will also have so much jammed into storage that I will need to use the winter, spring and summer to start ridding myself, through sales or what have you, of this excess. I can surely sell out of the facility if need be, especially the bigger items. “Even just a decade agoa young crop of friends could come to Provincetown and as a group rent a house and all get jobs waiting tables often at two restaurants at a time, or landscaping, doing dune tours, whale watches, working in a shop or driving a taxi or any such thing. Nothing really cost anything. Now it’s been so bought and sold. It would be nice to find another picturesque village where one could hang his hat and winter rental in town. I think that will be my goal. I want a tiny place in a beautiful spot by the sea. Et basta.

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