Gemini 10° (May 30)

I will enter another chapter today which is very good news. It’s been cold and rainy all weekend and I’m secretly thrilled about it. There is no more wiggle room in my schedule but tomorrow we have to clients and then I have a clear shot. I am using the next two months to kill a few birds. Now this: In the Greek flood myth, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha are met by the goddess Themis, “the Lady of Good Counsel,” when they ultimately reach dry land. She instructs them to throw the bones (stones) of their mother (Gaia) over their shoulders to repopulate the earth, the ones he threw turning to men, hers to woman. A powerful and central goddess, she is one of the few from the generation of Titans to remain important among the next generation of Olympians, with whose chief, Zeus, she had six children, the Horae and the Morae, the seasons and the fates, respectively. Horae means: “the right moment,” embodying the correctness of order unfolding in time. Themis’ name itself means “to put in place”; she is the goddess of natural law and custom, the personification of divine or cosmic order, separate from manmade ordinances. The word themis, which at least dates back to Homer, is a blanket term for customs, traditions, mores and folkways—surprise—all those self-same attributes of the fourth astrological house. The seasons sequence the year, the fates measure out our lives, both divinely ordered. The notion that there is a proper place for every little thing, right customs and correct procedures—and this is the overriding point—which are in keeping with the cosmic order, the divine plan, is what energy of the sign of Cancer is all about. But here’s the rub: there is no factual hard-and-fast rule as to what should go where, or what actions we must take, or customs we should spouse, by decree of divine order. It isn’t something we can collectively think up or pin down into legislation—anyway what we are talking about here is separate from manmade laws. Think about it. Themis bids us accept the fact that there is a right and proper way to conduct oneself, a standard by which we can and must “come correct,” to coin the phrase of a late fashion icon, and yet one must intuit what that standard should be. It isn’t knowledge accessible to our intellect. You must feel what that means. You have to go with your gut. Even right now, Cancer if you were to decide a moral question or declare some custom to be in keeping with what you perceive as divine law, it would feel something like using a compass to find your bearings. Themis asks you to perform this sort of internal scan, more than that, she requires that you become a mystic, to access and acquire knowledge by way of your emotions which are, in the processes, activated, transmuted even, into intuition. To intuit is to put out those feelers, to extend far down into ourselves and far out into the cosmos—inner and outer space may be one and the same thing—so to receive the mystical answers to our illogical questions on how we should order or lives, here, so below, as to be most aligned with what is macrocosmically such an ordered universe, as above. There is way more to this goddess who is aptly complex, being the patron deity of Cancer woman, who, she’d be the first to admit, reveals the layers of her character and very being, slowly over time—even, or especially, to herself.

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