Gemini 11° (May 31)

Two Favorite clients today. I think I’m starting a new regime but am reminded that it is a holiday—I forgot—so one more day before the purge begins, which is a fine thing. I did precious little as I want to use the day to truly rest in a way I haven’t in a while. The big inhale before the plunge. I have some fundraising copy I can draft on this so-called day off: I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Last year at this time, knowing there would be no AFTERGLOW FESTIVAL in 2020, we quickly pivoted our operations to create an artist-relief initiative, commissioning a dozen artists to create works that they could perform on our stage at a future date. Although we raised just a fraction of what we normally do year on year—many regular sponsors were unsure about their own finances in these troubling times—we not only kept many performers afloat, but we also became a model for other arts organizations, much bigger than our own, some with which we’ve partnered over the years, to emulate in their own relief efforts for artists. It was my honor to participate with other non-profit arts professionals in many virtual think tanks and seminars aimed at supporting our creative community.

As Afterglow launched in 2011, last year would have been year ten of the festival, but we can still hope that year ten will materialize, now, in 2021! As I write this the jury is still out—our hosting venue is hoping that we can stage the festival, not in September, but in November instead this year. Fingers crossed. In any case I can no longer play chicken with fundraising in case the shows do indeed go on. That said, if this year turns out to be a repeat of the last, we will again funnel what funds we do raise into more commissions for artists to create works to be performed at a later date. In the meantime, we have these last two years personally absorbed all other costs so that any monies the non-profit raises go directly to the performers, many of them young and not firmly established, who need assistance most. 

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