The message of today’s oracle is to reach beyond established forms so says the laugh-a-minute Dane Rudhyar in his interpretation of Gemini 5° A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action. Again magazines, especially of a provocative nature, are Gemini-ruled; and we see the duality of the sign expressed in what is and what could be. But what of this revolution—will it be explosive or quiet? For instance, yesterday, I seethed a bit in societal unrest and also in its personal parallel. I suppose there are seeds of an overthrow in what I think and say. Most of what saddens me about society-at-large and close to home, is the fact that it is constructed to benefit the few, in whatever form, and not the many. I think of revolutions, historically, seeking to turn that tide. But bloody revolution rarely does anything but put the pigs in charge of the animal farm, being no better than their predecessors. There is much jealousy in revolution, often; the radicals want what the establishment has, though they will often be loath to admit it. In our personal lives this is known as sour grapes. But I look at this symbol being ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence and that provides a clue to something better.

Leo is the Sun King and Queen of the Zodiac. The David and Bathsheba. The Arthur and Guinivere. David revolts against Goliath, representing the gigantically oppressive status quo but he actually does usher in something better and more noble, as does Arthur, albeit briefly. Breakthroughs or breakdowns: We either outwardly rage against the machine or break with reality under the pressure. But is there not a third option? I dare say there is. If we are really talking about current forms needing to be eradicated it needn’t be outwardly violent or inwardly destructive to escape or override these forms. We can simply go to our happy place—the Camelot in our mind—where we might find peaceful meditation and a noble existence of might for right. The Strength card in the Tarot depicts the Lion and it isn’t a symbol of outward aggression but one of inner strength, bearing, nobility and conviction. Leo rules the heart, yes, but also the chest back and the spine, which is synonomous with having nerve and certain resolve. Aslan appears in reaction to the world being overrun by some Ice Queen for far too long. The modern day symptomatic translation possibly being: too many “ussies” with Tilda Swinton or any other gracious celebrity attempting in his or her own right not to act the part, but remain real; which often results in their being exploited by any Tom, Dick or Harriet looking for the next hit of fame by association. Meanwhile, you’re just you and that should be enough.

Lest we forget, Aslan only attacks once at the final battle between good and evil, which is forever being waged within us, ending it. And only after he has sacrificed himself, laid himself bear, in total non-resistence, Christ-like, to the slings and arrows of the weak and ignorant who know not what they do. For reals. Rudhyar words it thusly: “withdraw[al] inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.” You should probably read that sentence again. We have the option to neither inwardly crumble nor outwardly tumble what icey constructs, devoid of compassion, with which we find ourselves confronted. We can go in and mystically melt them on a peaceful path of least resistance, one not to be confused with passivity. For it is in mystical meditation that we find that constructs are an illusion as is most external so-called reality—paradoxically, the only true reality is the infinite, eternal all which must first be perceived within ourselves. That’s where the magic is—real magic of goodly intention that takes flight and fights all that is not good in this world, illuminating how unstable negative structures are so that they fall apart by their own weight.

Yesterday I said: Look at You. Now I say: Go in. Imagine a world where everyone did so, where we all sought enlightenment, without pointing a finger, or fighting or fretting. It’s not the easiest thing to do. We all fall into negative behavior of lashing out and blaming other people and situations for our problems; just as whole societies wage wars and commit crimes of slaughter and genocide. It will not get you/they anywhere but backward. And, in the process, a great many treasures will be lost, whether they be preserved ruins in a desert or the jewels of your own spiritual progress. Forgiveness is the key to opening a door onto this one true reality—forgiveness of others and, most importantly, forgiveness of self. Christ didn’t die. Aslan didn’t die. Arthur didn’t die. He went into deep meditation, symbolized by the Lake, under the care of the Lady thereof. All to rise again, reconstituted, from the dissolve.

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